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The movie on everyone's mind right now is still Zack Snyder's highly controversial Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The epic superhero showdown saw an impressive $166 Million debut last week but the poor word of mouth and negative critical reception has dramatically affected the films second weekend at the Box Office.

Figures are not yet final for this weekend but the movie did only rake in $15.35 Million on the Friday night, which is an 81% drop from last Friday. This means that Batman v Superman is looking to make around $51-$56 Million for the entire weekend which is a 69% drop from last weekend. With the biggest competition coming in the form of God's Not Dead 2, we could be looking at a pretty quiet weekend at the movies.

Those who were already craving to see DC's latest blockbuster most likely went out in the first weekend with many mainstream audience members skipping the film due to the negative reviews. Big tent-pole pictures such as Batman v Superman do rely on good word of mouth and repeat viewings to bring in more box office and due to mostly negative feedback on the film, it doesn't look like people are going back for seconds or telling their friends to check the film out.

Of course, this isn't the absolute worst news for the DC Universe. $50 Million on a 2nd week is still good, last year Furious 7 (which broke $1 Billion) dropped 60% in its second week making $59 Million and still went on to become a major success for Universal. Batman v Superman still has the possibility to become a Billion dollar film, it all depends on the drop off each weekend. The thing is, a film which stars the two most prolific superheroes of all time going head to head in a battle to the death, should have made more of an impact at the Box Office.

I've been back to see the film a second time and actually found myself enjoying it much more, so much that I plan on seeing it a third time. If you left Batman v Superman feeling unsure of what you had seen, you are not alone, but I urge you to revisit the film.

All of this being said, Batman v Superman has already made $224 Million domestically and $587 Million worldwide. It might not reach the heights of Star Wars: The Force Awakens but it will certainly make some money for Warner Bros.


Are you planning to see Batman v Superman this weekend?


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