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The MCU has taken a lots of turns since Avengers (2012). One of these multiple turns is starting up TV shows to showcase what's going on when the "big guns" aren't doing their thing. Shows like Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones help keeps fans calm till the next blockbuster hit.

Captain America: Civil War

We're all thinking it right? The next blockbuster hit ready to break the box office is going to be one "emotional roller coaster." What does this mean for the rest of the MCU, when there are multiple powered people wondering what the Sokovia Accords will mean for them? For those who don't know, which I sincerely doubt is many of you, the Sokovia Accords is going to be one the biggest reasons Cap and Iron Man slug it out on May 6, 2016. It details the need for super-powered individuals (not just in the movies, this'll roll over Jessica Jones and Agents of SHIELD too), to register their names and give jurisdiction to the government on when to call the Avengers and when not to call them.

Comic Concept

In the comics, Civil War dealt with not only making superheroes "legit," but also in heroes learning to control their powers. This all has to do with creating The Fifty State Initiative, which revolved around the idea of having a team of superheroes in each state of the US. Things become a little more international in the MCU, as hinted by the explosion that targeted the United Nations. Here in the MCU, we have a lot of Inhumans learning how to use their powers as well.

Agents of SHIELD

Fellow Agents of SHIELD Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie had a brief clash with one another in the most recent episode, Watchdogs. Luckily, nothing got physical, as it may have ended very badly for both sides. While chasing an anonymous terrorist hacker organization known as Watch Dogs, Daisy (ex-hacker) reveals she has information on multiple members in the local area, and suggests they "visit" some of them until they give information. Mack has differing thoughts on the matter. The exchange goes like this:

Daisy: They're not that anonymous. I've been tracking them. The ones that are spewing hate online. IP addresses, residences, license plate numbers, some of them are local. They could've been involved in the ATCU attack. We should go pick one up and see what he knows.
Mack: And... what? Shake him down? Without even knowing if the guy we picked was actually involved?
Daisy: Well either way he'll know something.
Mack: Yea but... It's kind of Gestapo don't you think? Is that who we are?
Daisy: We're SHIELD. I'm trying to save lives while using whatever advantage I have to do that.
Mack: Yea, the advantage of superpowers, which is something I don't have. But I'm not so sure you should be using yours to sidestep civil liberty.
Daisy: They gave up their right to "civil liberty" when they started imploding buildings.
Mack: Maybe, but it's not about how they act, it's about how we respond.

For those who don't know, the ATCU is SHIELD's... "cover name" of sorts. SHIELD was disbanded after Captain America: The Winter Soldier (gosh Cap loves playing around with SHIELD doesn't he?), and they've been using the ATCU for a few episodes now. Watch Dogs attacked an ATCU outpost, and the hunt is on for SHIELD/ATCU to take them down.

The Argument

The argument (Daisy) made is that superpowers should be used to take down the bad guys no matter what. The counter-argument (Mack) is that using these powers as a matter take them down doesn't mean you do it above the law. There are multiple views around this idea, as seen in a few scenes of Age of Ultron.

Cap: This isn't just about beating him; it's about whether he's right.

Cap's words during Age of Ultron, with Ultron's thoughts that the Avengers are what's wrong with the world. That they're destroying it.

This scene is good too for this too:

MCU: Civil War

So what do you think? Will Agents of SHIELD also begin to tear itself apart from the inside over the Sokovia Accords? It's not the show doesn't tie in directly to the films sometimes. They do so a lot of the time. The Helicarrier in Age of Ultron that Fury brought? Coulson gave that to him. Heck, Coulson gave the Avengers the intel on where to find the Scepter. The Avengers are mentioned multiple times throughout the entire series.


What will it be? Is Agents of SHIELD going to have direct influence on Civil War? Will THEY go to Civil War?


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