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The one thing that pisses off every techies while watching tv series is that it's totally divergent from reality, so here is the list of top 5 series which are actually close to it enjoy :).

1. Silicon Valley

The holy land of techies, the series is all about the up's and down of running a tech startup with some salt and pepper this is the closest series to a real life of a engineer.

In the high-tech gold rush of modern Silicon Valley, the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success.

2. Mr. Robot

This follows a young computer programmer who suffers from social anxiety disorder and forms connections through hacking. He's recruited by a mysterious anarchist, who calls himself Mr. Robot.

This series is most accurate a hacker life drama ever made.

3. Halt and Catch Fire

Set in the early 1980s, this series dramatizes the personal computing boom through the eyes of a visionary, an engineer and a prodigy whose innovations directly confront the corporate behemoths of the time.

This series gives you glimpse of initial days of Apple and the hustle done by engineer's in early days (when the silicon valley just ramping up).

4. Betas

In Silicon Valley, the right algorithm can make you a king. And these four friends think they've finally cracked the code.

This is the shortest lived series in the whole list, betas seems to be very promising entertaining and addictive,but somehow it didnot make upto for second season.

5. The IT Crowd

Deep in the sub basement of the ambiguous company of Reynholm Industries, are not one, but two socially awkward IT guys. Moss, an electronics wizard and overly naive man and Roy, a lazy disgruntled co-worker have to provide support for Reynholm Industries with their inept boss, Jen, who doesn't know the difference between hardware and software.

This is a mash up of a sit com and tech stuff, not great but worth a watch.


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