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This article is entirely my opinion. If you like these types of movies, that's fine. Just PLEASE don't assault this article. If this article offends you, then don't read it because I'm merely just expressing myself. I understand that these types of movies are made to lift people up, and I respect that because that's sometimes maybe what people need. Again, this article is my opinion.

By now, I've mainly been writing about things that make me smile. I feel like I need to get something off my chest. I'm a Christian, and I think faith-based movies are garbage! All of them. Every. Single. One. They're uninteresting, predictable, and honestly are a pathetic attempt to tell people to change their lives! Let me explain.

Flat out, I think Christian movies are boring. I would much rather watch Batman beat a criminal to a pulp than Kirk Cameron get overemotional over how pornography ruins his marriage. Or how a washed up football coach struggles to get a hold on his career. (I never liked football anyway.) And putting an actual actor like Nicholas Cage in a pathetic adaptation of a controversial book series isn't going to work either! Jean Valjean singing about how he needs to change his life? Interesting. Kirk Cameron destroying a computer and buying Chic-Fil-A? DULL! I almost saw Risen, and thankfully I didn't. And you can bet your life I'm definitely not going to see God's Not Dead 2. I mean, do you expect me to actually care about this crap?!

I find Christian movies utterly and overwhelmingly predictable. They're all the same. The movie introduces a character with a problem or struggle. It could be a porn addiction, infidelity, or divorce. The character goes through the first part of the movie in the depths of his or her problem. Something then happens to force the problem to show itself. The character then is introduced to someone who is preaching the Gospel. The person speaking the Gospel convicts the main character. The main character struggles with the Gospel for while. Then, an over-the-top highly unrealistic situation occurs which forces the main character to accept the Gospel. And then the remainder of the movie is the result of the main character accepting the Gospel. Followed by a verse of scripture as the screen fades to black, leading to whatever popular Christian song to play during the credits. You've seen it once, you've seen it a thousand times. I've seen this happen in Fireproof, Left Behind, The Imposter, and Facing The Giants. There is absolutely nothing unique about these kinds of movies. They're all the same cut-and-paste- rehashing of the same exact idea.

Utterly this kind of movie is just a cheap and pathetic way to get people to change their lives. The targeted audience is constantly shamed. The characters who don't agree with the preaching characters are often portrayed as arrogant, bitter, and unlikeable people. The makers of these movies must put themselves into the audience's shoes before just flat out shaming them for a couple million dollars for a direct-to-dvd movie that nobody is going to want to even bother buying! Honestly, why doesn't the Church simply reach to people by being kind?! Kindness is a gift that's criminally overlooked by the Church with their over-the-top, untalented, overpaid performers! It makes me FURIOUS! Stop trying to take the person's money, and be Jesus to them! It's inexcusable!

Even as a Christian, I absolutely despise Christian movies. They're boring, predictable, and are pathetic attempts to have people change their lives. Again, my intended purpose for this article was to simply express an opinion that has been buried deep inside me for a long time. If you like this kind of movie, that's great! Good for you! I just don't. Please, let's agree to disagree. End of story. Goodbye. The end.


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