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I'm not entirely a fan of the found-footage genre. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and for the most part, the whole "it's actual real life" is easily caught to be fiction.

But for the first time ever, I was duped. To some I might've been naive or you might say I wasn't paying enough attention, but I only figured out that this movie was a product of fiction during the final credits, when I was finishing up notes for the review. I felt cheated, yet proud. Never a movie got me like this one did.

Credit: Magnet Releasing
Credit: Magnet Releasing

The Sacrament tells the story of three guys who work for Vice, the news and entertainment website, to help get back the sister of one of them, who's in a community, located in an isolated place. Or a cult...

During this trip, things seem alright. The people seem happy. And that guy's sister seems to be fitting in, out of harms way. But looks are deceiving, as not everything is at it seems.

Everything goes to shit after they meet Father, the cult leader, who guarantees that he is only helping a community grow stronger, as everyone pulls their weight. Oh, and he also asks for donations. You know, for maintenance and overhead charges.

During the interview with him, the right questions are getting asked, but the answers, well, they're touching a nerve, and while some of the cult members witnessed this defiance, they thought a chance of hope to flea that life, as the crew returns the next day.

Then bullets fly and it's a bloodbath. A massacre. And who isn't being shot, is drinking some of that tasty juice with some poison, so they can die in this life and be reborn in another. Except the leader, he needs to manage things in this life still.

Magnet Releasing
Magnet Releasing

In the meantime, these guys are tying to get as far away from this place, as fast as they can. But with all the shootings and death creeping up at any given moment, they are desperate. And everything is shown as is if was a real-life news special, one you'd probably be watching on CNN or BBC.

Everything seems and feels real, for the most part, but even when it isn't, you can still give it reasonable doubt. Enough for you to believe! All of this is exciting, because while it does end up having the typical cult plot story, you never really know how it's going to get there.

I was very impressed with this, even more so shocked with the deaths. I'm not one that's easily shocked, but this really got under my skin. Good to feel!

Any horror film fan will find this one a lot of fun to watch, with tip-toe action and suspense, along with a believable story. Two-thumbs up and a change of underwear!


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