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If you're the one person that didn't check out Star Wars: The Force Awakens then you might want to look away as this video contains a pretty big spoiler, but otherwise, stick around and check out this video which shows Han Solo develop from ruthless smuggler to war hero to a father and mentor.

Han Solo perhaps has the best arc in all of Star Wars, we see his character progress from the selfish smuggler who's only looking out for himself and his faithful co-pilot Chewbacca to a father whose main goal is to bring his son back to the light side of the force.

Han never believed in the force or the Jedi and the video gives us the very scene where he says he prefers a trusty blaster over "hokey religions and ancient weapons". One of the most memorable scenes in The Force Awakens is when Han tells Rey and Finn of Luke, the Jedi order and the force.

Of course the video ends with the most talked about moment from The Force Awakens, when Han Solo dies at the hands of his own son, Ben. He walked out on that railing knowing full well that there was a huge chance he wasn't leaving this encounter alive, but he went out there anyway because if there was even a 1% chance he could save his son from the clutches of the evil Supreme Leader Snoke, then he was going to take it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is now out on Digital HD to download and hits Blu Ray in the US on April 5th and the UK on April 18th.

We can next see Han Solo in Han Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th 2018 directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller.


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