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Look I don’t want to debate here if the movie was good or not. Everyone seems to have really strong opinions on this movie and there a plenty of debates going on about it right now. What I want to talk about is how bad reviews like this can affect the long game of the DCEU.

So what do the bad reviews for Batman v Superman really mean? In the short term not much. The movie opened strong worldwide with 420 million. So the movie will make a profit. The reviews can’t stop Suicide Squad at this point, nor will it stop Justice League Part 1. So us as comic book fans can just shrug it off and move on right? Well, not really.

Well the first thing we all need to keep in mind these movies are not just made for the hard core comic book fans. They are made to appeal to a larger movie going audience. So any thing in the movie hard core fans might have an issue with are decisions the film makers decided to make to appeal to a larger audience. Sometimes those decisions can be brilliant (casting Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man), sometimes not so much (Letting Jesse Eisenberg chew the scenery in every scene he is in). But again I want to talk about the reviews and their impact on this film and the entire DCEU.

For starters this movie is doing well and making money, but it's not the over the top success a lot of people thought it was going to be. From opening weekend to it's second weekend it had a nearly 70% drop. The biggest drop for a superhero movie ever. And I am confident a lot of that drop can be related to the reviews. Also I am sure a lot of people waited to see what their "comic book" friends had to say about the movie and a lot of us had issues with it so that prevented them from going.

Again the movie did well and will probably continue to do well for a couple weeks, but it's not going to put up numbers like The Avengers or The Dark Knight because it isn't as strong of a movie. And of course DC and Warner Brothers are going to take a look at that and say, "How can we prevent this from happening again with the movies coming out and in production?"

Well for starters, if you haven't heard, there are currently rumors that there are Suicide Squad re-shoots going on as we speak. And not just for the usual reasons, but because WB wants there to be more "lighthearted" moments in the movie. According to one source the second trailer, which is "funnier" than the first trailer, basically contained all the humor form the film in it. But that trailer was much better revived and after seeing the reviews for Batman v Superman WB ordered re-shoots to add more comedy to Suicide Squad.

So that's the answer? The DC movie that should be the darkest and possibly be the R-Rated DC movie is now being re-shot to be "funny". It's a case of getting the wrong message from a situation as Hollywood is famous for doing. And at this point before it's release, for any movie, these kind of re-shoots can not be a good thing. You are jeopardizing the over all cohesiveness and vision of the movie. Not to mention possibly throwing in bad jokes to appease critics of a different film. It sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen.

So now as fans we need to stop and ask ourselves what will this mean for Justice League? For the Solo Batman/Wonder Woman or Flash movies? For future Superman films? Because there is a chance the re-shoots end up hurting Suicide Squad enough to have it perform worst than Batman v Superman. I'm not saying it will, but there is always a chance. Given WB's track record of being gun shy about things we may see the DCEU get rebooted yet again.

I for one don't want that to happen, just see it tweaked a bit. I want to see what Affleck can do with solo Batman films. And It's about time we got a Wonder Woman movie. These are ll set to happen, let's hope they are good. Let's hope we get the DCEU we deserve!

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