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If you have not seen this Thursday's episode of The 100 and hate spoilers as much as I do, please refrain from reading forward. If you don't care for it or have already watched it, come along and feel sad with me, why dontchya?

The 100. The show that get's you too pumped and energetic for all the glory it has to offer, but can also slap you in the face with all kinds of feels while it's at it. Emotional, crazy ones that leaves you angered in the end. Uhmm, is this Game of Thrones or something? Because it sure does feel like it, with losing all of my favorite, if not INTERESTING characters The 100 has--or HAD to offer. PFFT.

A few weeks ago, The 100 killed off one of their most compelling characters, Lexa Commander of the 12 clans. This had fans spiral in complete disbelief and rage by taking away one of it's strong female characters. Yeah, some fans have not recovered from that.

NOW, in this week's episode titled 'Stealing Fire', we lost one of our utmost favorite and insanely brave characters--Lincoln. Huge huge mistake, The 100! His death still has me feeling hurt and I'm just sitting here in fetal position, nothing to see here!

Lincoln first came into the show as a recurring role in the first season, but later on became a major character in the second and third season. His relationship grew with Octavia and he became that character we all loved seeing on screen.

Lincoln's bravery, strength, and compassion for his people gave him that title of one of the best character's on the show. He's hit some rough patches at first and always felt that he needed redemption and to make right by his people. But as his story unfolded, leading to his ultimate death--his people were the reason why he so bravely sacrificed his own life for their innocent lives. That scene broke me as he was executed by the pitifully being that is Pike (someone float him already, please). And the fact that Octavia saw the whole thing, but couldn't do anything about it broke me again once more. Lincoln was a gem, I can't believe he's gone for good. How will Octavia recover from this? HOW WILL WE, THE FANS, RECOVER?

Sigh, when a fictional character's death hits you more than it should, you know you're in too deep.

Ricky Whittle's portrayal of Lincoln was brilliant and astonishingly appealing. He's been amazing with the fans as we show nothing but love and appreciation to him as a person and his character. Sad to see him go, really. We all had a feeling he'd be the next to go given his new role as the lead character on Starz 'American Gods' coming soon and his lack of good screen time in this season. But I know he's be amazing in it.

May we meet again, Lincoln <3

How do you feel about that episode? I want to hear your thoughts :)


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