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Just like every other site that harnesses the telling of movies, Tv shows, fashion or anything in the Pop Culture spectrum, Rotten Tomatoes aren't exceptional to the mass audience revenue. Yes, it's all revenue. Same way newspapers make money from their content being viewed print wise, online news reporting does the same to continue pressing forward. So, imagine hearing of a film that outpaces others by 500% and has sold more than 56% of early ticket sales before its release. A film that features two of the most iconic superheroes there is to exist. Imagine the film being directed by a risk taking director, whose films are known to have low scores on your site. Now, imagine the popularity you'd gain from viewers checking in and out on a film they've been waiting for, for 3 years. I say the checks will be great that week. Maybe even the entire month.

Now, if it wasn't for the many comparisons to another superhero franchise, maybe this wouldn't have been written. But there are many examples of critics, stating how it should have had more "quip". More "funny" moments. How it lacks that lighter touch the other franchise has. When in actuality, both only compare due to the genre of Superhero movies. Rotten Tomatoes ranks high on the US review system. Monthly, it brings in 26 million global (14.4M US) according to audience measurement service, Quantcast and is the most popular site exclusively for movie recommendations. It holds at the fourth most - visited movie site. Scored by giving a Tomatometer rating. Then rating critics' reviews as either positive or negative and aggregating the results. As of December 2015, the Alexa Ranking has decreased 552. From March 3rd to April 1st, 2016, it has reached 13.9 million US monthly unique with a 25.9 million monthly global uniques.

Now these results prove how the 29% rating on Batman v Superman has aided in their views.

To start, the Uniques.

Then there's the Visits.

Lastly, the Views.

The Uniques mobile web mark highest from March 21st-27th, around the 700k. The desk web Uniques land below, in between and on the 600k. This indicates that Rotten Tomatoes had gotten some of its ratings from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's low scoring. Which was released on the 25th of March.

The Visits from mobile devices reign near the 900k and the desktops mark in the 650-700k.

The Views on mobile made a high 1.8-1.9 mil while the low landed on 1.5 mil. The desk web views hit highest at 2 mil and lowest around 1.7 mil. All in the time Batman v Superman was released.

I mean, can you be mad that Rotten Tomatoes might have done such things just to gain more viewers? Knowing how well Batman v Superman was tracking, maybe they saw this as the opportunity to receive some of the attention. If the site had given it a Fresh review, then the traffic would not have been so high. It's a bittersweet thing. The bad thing is, that this could actually be detrimental to a filmmaker's career. I suppose, good thing Warner Brothers have kept Snyder on board to lead Justice League into the theaters.

Batman v Superman is in theaters, breaking records. It is now at $682 million dollars. Go experience the unimaginable movie everyone is talking about. I say it's completely worth it.

Source: Quantcast

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