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The stakes are high and the combatants are ready.

This post is going to detail the MVP's, weak links, and likelihood of each team winning in both full-out battles, and strict 1v1s.

Team Iron Man

From left to right you have War Machine, Black Widow, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Vision. We also have Spider-Man "Underoos." Unfortunately, we have yet to see Black Panther and Spider-Man's full capabilities. Without further ado, let's begin breakdowns:

War Machine: Iron Man's best friend and wearer of the War Machine armor, James Rhodes is no one to mess around with. He's got shoulder-mounted machines guns and rocket launchers, repulsors, and those amped stats. Among his greatest feats include lifting tanks, plowing through Ultron bots, and just about everything else Iron Man can do. Certainly one of the mid-tiers of the MCU.

Team Weak Link-Black Widow: Still not to be underestimated, this MCU street-leveler is no one to be messed around with. The expert assassin has some impressive fighting skills and gear, allowing her to easily plow through Chitauri and Ultron bots, with a bit more versatility than the rest of the MCU, such as the wires used to attack the Winter Soldier, Captain America's nigh-equal.

Iron Man: Engineer extraordinary, Tony Stark is the leader of this group. Wearing an armor that can shrug off not only bullets, but Mjolnir and a tank shell as well. Strong enough to give Thor a good fight (same Thor that was ragdolling SHIELD agents) and fast enough to keep up with jets. Definitely nearing the high-tiers of the MCU.

Black Panther: What we know of this one is little, but he is extremely formidable. He can catch up to motorcycles, shrug off bullets, and give Winter Soldier a run for his money in hand to hand combat. Not many who can claim to be near-equal if not above to the guy who's equals with Captain America.

Team MVP-Vision: Son of Ultron and Tony Stark (weird). The guy who helped melt the Vibranium right off Ultron, the one phasing Vibranium and burning a being out of the internet. Not only this, but he's as durable as Vibranium in the MCU, and if deleted scenes are included, is Thor's nigh-equal in hand to hand.

Unknown-Spider-Man: Nothing is known of the afamed wall-crawler except that his webs are enough to steal Cap's shield.


  • The team has the better physical stats (overall).
  • The team has the smarter people on it's side (intellectually).
  • With the exception of one, the team has the best defenses.


  • The three best on the team lack hand to hand qualities that compare to the other team.
  • The team lacks strategic thinking qualities.
  • The team isn't as versatile as the enemy team.

Moving on...

From left to right you have Falcon, Ant-Man, Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Winter Soldier. Let's break down MVP's and weak links.

Falcon: The high-flying New Avenger doesn't have much to back up his badass costume. With flight, guns, and moderate hand to hand skills (fights against Rumlow and Ant-Man), Sam Wilson's following Cap, while hoping to not get shot. Definitely on the lower ends of the mid-tiers.

Ant-Man: Oh gosh, this has got to be one of the most versatile fighters in the MCU. Retaining his strength while miniaturized, has an army of ants, and can shrink/enlarge his enemies/allies.

Team Weak Link-Hawkeye: Gosh it was hard to choose a weak link on this team, but it had to be done. He's only weak link due to being only human and having less defenses than his allies. He's still a force to be reckoned with though; explosive arrows, EMP, electric, spray... You name it! A formidable hand to hand opponent, and one of the more top notch

Captain America: Team leader and arguably the best hand to hand fighter in the MCU. The pinnacle of physical human perfection, Cap's no joke to be messed around with. Honestly closer to the lower of the mid-tiers than the highest of the street tiers, the guy can throw motorcycles and stop helicopters on a good day. The shield is kept handy for battle and his strategical prowess (New York, Avengers) is spot-on.

Team MVP-Scarlet Witch: If there is one person to fear in the MCU, it's a mad Scarlet Witch. The twin who's powers allow her telepathy/telekinesis was bombarding Ultron bots and tearing the Avengers apart from the inside. Definitely the most powerful member of Cap's team, and probably his gamechanger.

Winter Soldier: Cap's physical equal, hand-to-hand very, very slight inferior, and best friend, the guy with the bionic arm is no one to mess around with either. His hand to hand prowess is matched by only one person so far (soon to be 2, I'd wager), and his strength with the arm is beyond what even Cap could do. Fighter in WWII and great with weapons, no doubt WS is going to have a pivotal role in the movie itself.


  • Team has the superior hand to hand prowess.
  • Team has more versatility.
  • With the exception of one, best teamwork.


  • This team is less protected.
  • This team is lacking in offensive weaponry.
  • The team is being carried by 2.

The Main Battle

No doubt the biggest part of Civil War will be the battle that pushes these sides to their limits, and frankly? Vision could potentially beat the entire enemy team by himself. The only one stopping him is Scarlet Witch. No one on Cap's team has what it realistically takes to even hurt Iron Man or War Machine. Hawkeye and Black Widow would stalemate, as weak links. Everyone save for Black Panther and Widow could take Falcon. Winter Soldier and Captain America have been shown to take repulsor blasts before, but Stark and Rhodes have an entire army's-worth of weaponry on them. Unless the Witch goes berserk (like during Quicksilver's death), things are looking bad for Team Cap.

1v1 Battles

These are going be specified in a new series of articles dubbed "Civil War Battles: ___ vs ___". For the most part, things are going pretty bad for Team Cap. In specific match-ups though, we'll analyze the most likely team-ups and show specific feats of their amazingness in order to show with the best certainty based on fact who'd win.


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