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It is now the beginning of April and not only am I going crazy about the reveal of American Horror Story season 6, but I bet you, the rest of America is as well. Usually, Ryan Murphy and his trope reveal the next season of his popular anthology series no later than late March. Well, March is over and I am officially bonkers as to what this next terrifying season will be. Actually, let me rephrase. I know what the next season is going to be; I would just like it to be confirmed because all these crazy theories as to what season six will be are going to commit me to Briarcliff. I swear to the God that is Hypodermic Sally, if I see American Horror Story: Space one more time, I will find who said that and take them on a trip to the Hotel Cortez. After looking at all the clues in the season and hearing reports from Ryan and his camp (this will be funny soon, I promise), I've officially concluded that the next season is:


And here's why:

Let's start out with the things I believe are clues hidden within the glorious episodes of the series.

1. Campfire Gold

This right here is a picture from episode 05x11 Battle Royale. This scene depicted is where Donovan is cremated by Liz and Iris asks to be left alone.

I watched this episode a handful of times and missed it every time. It wasn't until I was at Paleyfest this year, where they showed this episode in the glorious Dolby Theater, I saw in huge letters "Campfire Gold." I beat my friend that I was with out of excitement because I had just found more evidence to prove my theory was right. Upon looking it up, I also found this little tidbit. :)

2. Thacher Boarding School

The Thacher School
The Thacher School

The Thacher School is an intense college-prep, boarding high school where Liz sent Scarlett and Lachlan.

After this episode aired, I was looking up some theories (like the nerd I am) and saw Thacher (it is spelled T-H-A-C-H-E-R, I checked) mentioned a couple of times. I looked into it, naturally of course. Here's what I found:

Ojai, California
Ojai, California

Here's Thacher. One of the main points of the city. Upon looking around the area, I found a little something something.

You see the tippy-top of this picture? Well, if for whatever reason, you can't, it says "The Pine Campground." After finding it, I was ecstatic and did some more research and found this:


3. More rogue, not opulent

Ryan Murphy said that the next season "...we’re crafting up is very, very different than this. Not smaller. But just not opulent. More rogue and more dark..." than American Horror Story: Hotel. For all of those people who don't know what opulent means (I didn't, so it's okay), it defines as: "ostentatiously rich and luxurious or lavish." Okay, so less wealthy or rich and more rogue. That definitely rules out the cruise option for season 6, and honestly, what's more rogue than a isolated summer camp?

4. Cinematographer, Michael Goi's Hint

A regular crew member on American Horror Story was asked a question on twitter by a fan, asking if children were going to being involved in the next season. His response is above. Even though lots of children may not be directly involved, there are camps for all ages, or even mixed ages, so we still have that possibility. I also think this would rule out orphanage and amusement park, because it would simply have way too many kids.

5. FX's President, John Landgraf's hint

Mr. Landgraf revealed at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, California that, "It’s set in the present although with echoes of the past... it’s set in two time periods … but principally in the present." With this, I feel like camps (unless set in the 80's) would be awesome in the modern age. Even though we don't necessarily hear about teenagers going to camp any more, I think it would be great to see this current generation face-off against any Ryan Murphy-ized horrors. Not to mention, Friday the 13th-esque flashbacks? I think yes.

And that's it kiddos!! That's all I've been able to gather over the past couple of months. There are some people confirmed for next season, but no real hints from that as to what the next season may be; but, Lady Gaga is confirmed to return. Her role or scope is not yet specified. Angela Bassett is also confirmed to return and dropped some possible hints about her role:

"He did tell me at the Golden Globes that I would imbibe a little bit too much and yet I was very intuitive also and maybe Sarah [Paulson] was somehow the boss of me."

Sarah might be back too?! My dreams are coming true.


So. Do you agree with me? Do you think I'm wrong? If so, leave a comment as to what you think the new season of American Horror Story might be.

Thanks for listening guys!!!! Let's hope it's Camp (I've been waiting since season 3)!!!

Your Horror Story Nerd,


P.S. I do not own all of these pictures. Some of them were pulled off google. Others, were screenshot from the show.


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