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Warning: Spoilers for 'Batman v Superman' below

If there's one thing that all moviegoers can agree on, it's that Batman v Superman is a visual masterpiece. It may be dark and grim, but that doesn't really detract from the gorgeous cinematography, spectacular visual effects, and fantastic character designs.

Most of the visual thrills can be chalked up to Zack Snyder (love him or hate him, he did a pretty stellar job) and the folks who spent countless hours animating the movie frame by frame. But all films (especially big budget ones like this) start off at one place: concept art.

Concept art is where everything begins. It's a look behind the movie, where you can see each memorable scene being crafted. Small details in the artwork can change your whole perspective about what you're looking at, simply because they show what was going on originally. On top of that, the rules of physics don't apply to drawings, so what we see is as wild as it was intended to be.

The first bit of work was revealed by artist Victor Martinez on his Facebook page:

Had a lot of fun working on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Great job by Production Designer Patrick Tatopoulos creating a visually stunning world for this film, and all the crew who brought it to life! Here are some images of artwork I created to help realize that vision. Enjoy!

It shows some great shots, which, despite not all of them making it into the movie, still look great:

Superman In Gotham, Ready To Confront Batman

Batman Ready To Ambush Superman

The Entrance To The Kryptonian Ship

But that wasn't his only job! Martinez went on to share his other task in the same post:

Here are some early concept sketches for the Superman Memorial Statue. These were based on a more Constructivist style, and eventually evolved into the more monumental version they ended up using in the film. Just a glimpse at some of the behind the scenes process. Enjoy!

I don't know about you, but the alternate Superman statue gives off a very strong Emma Frost vibe.

Another conceptual artist by the name of Vance Kovacs revealed some of his work as well, showing off some artwork of the titular fight (as well as some Doomsday, for good measure). Here's what we see:

Batman Aggressively Hugging Superman

Ah, Batman. What a clingy lover you turned out to be.

Superman Kicking Batman - HARD

It's really amazing to see Superman kick Batman's cowl into two parts, as well as Batman literally ripping Superman's clean off. On top of that, both of their suits are torn to shreds.

Bruce About To Tie Superman Up

In one of the movie's most brutal scenes, we see Batman chain Superman's leg and swing him around like a kite. This scene occurs right before that, with Batman yet to grab hold of his victim. Unlike in the movie, both of their suits are tattered, and Bruce's face is fully exposed. Could Superman have learned his secret identity at this point? Also, Batman's hair is all white. Were we about to see an even older take on the Caped Crusader?

And About That Kite Scene

All I can really say here is Batman has no chill.

Some Alternate Designs For Doomsday

Some fans weren't happy about Doomsday's awkward design (even though it makes sense, story-wise), but after seeing this melted Play-Doh version, I'm sure they'll see the one we got as a blessing in disguise.

Superman Next To The Newly Created Doomsday

Superman About To Face Off With Doomsday

Only to Get Nuked (In Space)

Doomsday shield, ACTIVATE.

And of course, I saved the best for last.

The Trinity vs. Doomsday

It's a shame we never got to see Batman punching Doomsday in the end, but at least he was never totally useless, right? As for the other members, Wonder Woman is certifiably badass with her hand-cutting sword skills, and Superman is — just whizzing about, I guess.

What do you think of this 'Batman v Superman' concept art?


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