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Hello all! It's me, DB, and I'm here to share with you my review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

THE GOOD: The action was awesome, the plot was easy to follow and the actors did a great job portraying each of their characters. I especially liked Ben Affleck's Batman, which was way better then his DareDevil! I thought Affleck did a good job portraying Batman's detective side, especially when the Bat was trying to find a way to stop Superman.

Speaking of Superman, I like Henry Cavill in this role. He's no Christopher Reeve, but I think he handle's the character really well. I also liked Jeremy Iron's Alfred in this (though he used more of his Scar voice at times).

I originally thought the plot of the film was going to revolve around the Batman vs Superman story arc from the comics, but I was quite surprised when the writers threw in some elements from the Doomsday saga, especially Superman #75, which goes way back to Superman's early days in comics.

Gale Gadot's Wonder Woman was pretty good too. I liked that she stuck with the classic style of Wonder Woman, right down to the Lasso of Truth.

THE BAD: The Batman that we see in this film is more like the Batman we've seen in comics, the darker version of the Bat. Even though Affleck did a good job portraying the Bat, I'm still more of a fan of the lighter Bat like the one played by Adam West in the TV series.

Also, the voice mod in Batman's suit. I don't think he needed that. We all know Batman has this dark whisper that he uses when he talks, so why the need for a mod?

OVERALL: Affleck's Batman was the first Batman that I have seen to "brand" the bad guys after he has stopped them. I thought that was a unique idea. Should he continue to do that? Perhaps.

In conclusion, I give this film 4 stars! I also liked that when Batman was doing his research, he got a glimpse of some of the future Justice League members (Cyborg, Aqua Man, Wonder Women, and The Flash). There's your lead in to the upcoming Justice League two part story right there! Two movies which I can't wait to see!

I thought Jesse Eisenburg's portrayal of Lex Luthor was a bit on the looney side. Superman's version of the Joker, if you will (whose person was not seen, but we could see evidence of Batman's battles with Joker in one scene). Even though Luthor is Superman's main villain for pretty much the entire time Superman has been around, I'm not sure if that style of villainy works. Luthor does have some crazy schemes to try and destroy Superman, but he doesn't act all wonky like Eisenburg's version of him does in this movie. Not even Rosenbaum's version from the Smallville TV show wasn't that looney acting.


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