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No, it's not Elektra's death, or the return of Kingpin. Right now, I'm re-watching Daredevil for the second time and I noticed something I didn't the first! I would like to mention the fact that I just watched Batman v Superman again. I find myself enjoying both of these pieces more the second time. I wasn't the biggest fan of Matt Murdock, but now I understand him better on second viewing. So, what did I missed on the first experience? Was it a nip-slip? Was it a huge Easter-egg? No, nothing to that extreme, but I still find it extremely interesting.


The Punisher drop bombs!

Marvel Cinematic Universe has a strict-rule on nudity and swearing. Watching Daredevil and Jessica Jones - and being on Netflix of course; one must wonder why not push boundaries? While Frank Castle had Daredevil tied-up on the chimney, he drops the FU**-bomb ( 23:06 left to go to be exact). Some people will be like 'So'? While others understand the severity of Marvel choosing to go somewhat 'Hardcore'. I am curious what you think.

Do you think Marvel meant to drop the four-letter word and does it even matter? My personal opinion -- I would love to see Marvel embrace certain character's nature, like Fox did with Deadpool. Honestly, Marvel can basically do anything they want and I'll watch. But there's a flood of comic book movies coming out; with DC finally making a push in cinemas, we'll see how well they do. All I'm trying to say is that with all these new and exciting offerings -- don't pull the bad Deadpool. Yes, that's extreme, but you have to start wondering with all the competition when will Marvel's ball-drop (probably never)?

Do you care if Marvel goes hardcore in Netflix?


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