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We are MKSQ Pictures a small film company creating original films, skits, and more!

We are here to promote our movies and whatever we produce, If you want to check out original movies check out our youtube channel.

With Crew of L.A. Rodarte, Louie Lemon, Tyler Evangelista, And Peter Calderon this crew of 4 men they go to push the envelope of "amatuer films" and taking them to new levels with the original films like Sunkis Valley and the upcoming projects of Brutal Men a prequel to the anarchy which occurs in Sunkis, created by L.A. Rodarte, and a horror film coming late 2016 Enter the Beast created by Producer of Sunkis Valley Peter Calderon.

SO if you'd like to see some films that will have be laugh, scream, and take you into another world watch movies up and coming on the MKSQ Pictures youtube channel and see exclusives here and on our Facebook page . (Facebook) ( Youtube)


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