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Making the JLA movie is not just about satisfying the diehard comic book fans but to satisfy majority of the moviegoing audience!

So Batman vs Superman movie has just released to mixed reviews and hardcore comic book fans seem to hav fallen in love with the movie while the critics and general movie goers think its a average to a bad movie.So why this divide?Is Batman vs Superman really a bad movie?

Hardcore comic book fans form a minority of the population.The majority of the population relate to comic book movies depending on what they hav seen on big screen and tv.In the golden and silver age of comics the main reason for the insane popularity of the comics was the campy and impossible nature of it.The common people fantasised abt saviours who could make their everyday life better.And slowly comics started venturing into darker territories that avid readers loved.We hav got memorable dark natured comic book story lines(mostly due to frank miller's work in the 80s).And movies like Tim Burtons Batman movies and Christopher Nolans movies have made people accept that comic book movies that are dark can be good.But still majority of the population all over the world believe and expect a comic book movie to be a funny entertaining and out of the world affair.Something that will make the audienve depart from the reality of life for a few hours.

That is the emotion that Marvel has capitalised on.They make huge entertaining blockbusters that primarily focus on making people laugh and cheer.DC has chosen a darker route in a attempt i guess is to differentiate itself from the marvel canon.But there is a huge difference between a DC movie and a Marvel movie.The huge success of marvel depends on the very fact tat they showed stories of heroes people hardly knew.Iron man or Thor were not so famous before their movies hit the screens.But dc canon has characters that almost everyone around the world know.Batman and superman are characters that every child in the world idolises.The batman animated series,superman animated series.justive league animated series are all huge hits throughout the world.They just cannot afford to experiment with such iconic characters.The dceu version of superman is not someone I remember or idolised as a kid in India.Letting someone like zack snyder toy with such characters seems to me like abuse of power.Its Warner bros responsibilty to make a film that satisfies majority of the audience no matter how much time it takes.There is no use in their empty obsession with darkness.Superman and Batmans friendly banter and Flash trying to flirt with Wonderwoman are all iconic memories from the cartoon show which will work wonders among the general audience with success matched by none other.But if the justice league movie is anywhere similar in tone to the bvs it will do nothing but satisfy a small core group of audience who continue to harass and taunt anyone who has anyother opinion abt the movie.

Take the movie off zack snyder.Am a huge fan of zack snyder but he must be working on lesser known subjects that he can bring to us with all his talent for visual splendor.This movie has too much fan emotions at stake for it to get a divided opinion.Bring in someone who ll make a movie that satisfies atleast 90% of the audience who watch the movie.Common DC!!Its about damn time!!


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