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Mixing and matching genres is nothing new. Nu-Metal fused the beats of hip-hop and rap with rock and metal, more recently we've been hearing a whole lot of electronic sounds fused with heavy guitars, so when something a little different comes along, it's worth paying attention.

Even more so when the year is 2002 and former members of Dub War form a new band called Skindred, ending up becoming a reference in the genre for years to come.

Mixing reggae roots with the fun of punk rock and alt-metal, the Newport crew had created something particularly special.

Benji Webbe vocals, along with the riffs, the drums, that bass, it was nothing like anyone had ever heard and they liked it. A lot.

But Skindred do have quite a few fun music videos. While not having a vast visual catalogue, they do tend to make it worth watching, expanding the musical experience.

Bear in mind, we'd just come off the new millenium and things were still in a very experimental mode. It worked well, it was catchy, heavy enough to keep it interesting and Nobody was featured in Need For Speed: Underground 2.

With a single-fixed cam, Rat Race is Skindred's most known song, with this video clocking over 6 million views. While it doesn't really tell a story, it does show something the band is very well respected for: their live shows.

There's a war going on and Skindred are all over the case. Featuring some pretty rad animations, it's mainly a song with a strong message with a strong video to support it.

It wasn't until 2011, with the release of Union Black that Skindred started to focus more on the creation of their music videos. Cut Dem is their version of a horror movie and it's as entertaining as you'd want from a music video.

This was even more supported with Game Over, taking a cue from Mad Max-inspired visuals and a car chase worth watching. While the song also has an action-packed cinematic feel, this is by far my favorite from their whole videography.

Kill The Power is the closest thing of a normal music video, with band members wandering around a city. It's cool, seeing the band being themselves in a foreign town. Rock out!

More recently, they've gone back to basics. I guess they insist in showing their forte, their live performance energy and it is definitely felt in their videos. With Volume you really get another sample of what they're like on stage.

As you can see, the Newport kings have some good ideas on hand. While they're not doing their own versions of classic movies, they're rocking out like they would on stage. While it might not be enough for many, it's definitely a treat for us.


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