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Japan has always been in the forefront of electronics and it looks as if they're upping their game yet again with the opening of an all VR arcade this April in Tokyo, Japan. VR Zone: Project i Can is an all VR experience run by Bandai Namco that's going to have a limited run in Tokyo Plaza from April 15th to mid-October.

The aim of the project is to get feedback from users about their VR experience to see where they can go in terms of VR gaming. They're using the experience as a way to dip their toe in the VR pool to test the viability and potential of their VR developments.

The experience itself is by appointment only and they'll start taking appointments on April 12th, so if you're in the area why not see if you can get in? It'd definitely be worth it judging from the video below:

These are the experiences they'll have on offer once they open up.

  • “Fear of Heights Show” – An extreme test of courage where you rescue a cat left behind on a thin plank 200 meters above the ground.
  • “Ski Rodeo” – A downhill skiing experience set on a snowy cliff.
  • “Real Drive” – A sports driving experience where the vehicle behaves just like a real car.
  • “Escape Ward Omega” – A “were we really attacked?” horror experience where you explore a giant, ruined hospital ward together with other users.
  • “Train Master” – A railroad operation experience where you become a train operator and drive trains for Yamanote Line.
  • “Argyle Shift” – A cinematic experience where, together with a female pilot, you enter the cockpit of a giant robot and battle other huge mechs.

If I had the means to go to Japan right now I'd be be all about this place. For more info check out the VR Zone website here.

What do you think of VR gaming? Do you think it'll be something that will become standard in the near future? Let me know in the comments below!

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