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I'm just some boy who loves video games and discussing stuff about them! I am also a big fan of superheroes, movies, and much more! So yeah,

Warning: Spoiler Alert-You read the title right, in the new Batman V Superman movie, Batman clearly has lost his moral code! In the Batmobile scene, he shoots rockets at the huge trucks that EXPLODE, obviously killing the people inside. And, when he saves Martha, he clearly kills all of those men! He even grabs a guys own knife and KILLS HIM! Now, don't get me wrong... I love this new film and I'm not hating! I'm just asking one thing, what happened to Batmans moral code? One thing you know, Batman doesn't kill in the comics(Not counting Flashpoint, Action Comics, or anything down that line, just regular, Batman comics!), next thing you know, he is cutting Superman with a kryptonite spear! Batman was ready to just plain out murder Superman after hearing the word "Martha"(Because superman meantions Martha Kent, but Batman confuses it with Martha Wayne, his dead mother), and if it weren't for Lois, the world would have ended, thanks to Doomsday! I will be making a story about how Lois affects the story later, but that's off topic! Do you think Batman is better with his Moral Code, or without it? Let me know in the comics and I'll see you guys later!


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