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Scott Eastwood (29) as Bruce Wayne/Batman (25)

Holland Roden (29) as Selina Kyle/Catwoman (25)

Jeremy irons (67) as Alfred Pennyworth (70)

Dylan O'Brien (24) as The Joker (25)

Justin Bieber (22) as Jason Todd/Robin (15)

Jason Isaacs (52) as Ra's Al Ghul (/)

Johnny Depp (52) as Ed Nigma/The Riddler (40)

Hugh Jackman (47) as Detective James Gordon (45)

Jesse McCartney (28) as Harvey Dent/TwoFace (30)

Why Jesse? Well he's a good actor, but he looks like Leo DiCrapio, and DiCaprio would be the perfect older Harvey Dent, but in this case it's a young cast, so we keep it young.


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