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The DC Extended Universe has begun and now we are getting iconic characters in cinema for the first time such as Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa's Aquaman, Ezra Miller's The Flash, Shazam, Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam, Will Smith's Deadshot, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, etc. However there are so many great characters that deserve to be as famous as Batman and Superman and all they need is a big budget movie to make them household names. I'm here to give you my five choices. Now...

5. Timothy Drake/Wayne AKA The Robin

The third and in my opinion the best Robin to date. I have nothing but love for Dick Grayson but I will always think of him as Nightwing whereas Tim Drake is the perfect Robin. From the start, Tim has always been likable despite his cocky nature and he is a genius: he was one of few people to actually deduce and discover the Batman's true identity. He broke into the Batcave....gotta give the kid credit. Master detective, technical whiz, and a great fighter. Personally I always felt that Tim was the perfect choice to take on the mantle of the Batman if Bruce were to pass away and even the comics sort of setting that up...that is until a certain demon spawn showed up and ruined everything.

DC....get rid of him. PLEASE! Anyway back to Tim Wayne. I think a great movie dynamic they could do is have a whole movie from Robin's perspective and show Tim as he evolves from being a sidekick to a hero, a boy to a man. By the end of the movie he's become a symbol that criminals fear just like the Batman.

4. Roy Harper AKA Arsenal/Red Arrow

Don't get me wrong, Colton Haynes' version on Arrow was great but the writers decided to screw it up by kicking him out of the story all together so we can replace him with Thea Queen, who does not belong on the show at all by the way. There was so much potential with his character but perhaps that potential can be fulfilled in a movie.

An ex-partner of the Green Arrow who struggled with drug problems until his ex-lover and villain Cheshire gave him his daughter Lian, who is possibly the most adorable child in all of DC comics. Now Roy is trying to fix his life up and be a better hero for his daughter. Get somebody like Garrett Hedlund to play Roy and get a director like James Mangold? I can see this being a great action/drama for audiences to enjoy.

3. Lobo

You think Deadpool was a violent superhero movie? Ha! If this guy had a movie, it would make Deadpool look like a G-Rated movie for kids. The Main Man, Lobo, the badass alien bounty hunter who even has enough power to take down Superman if he was hired to. While I am hyped to see Jason Momoa as Aquaman, he would have been the perfect choice for Lobo! The best way I could describe a Lobo movie would be: imagine if Blade mixed with Guardians of the Galaxy and a bit of Mad Max: Fury Road. Yeah that movie would be pretty freaking sweet. I say George Miller would be PERFECT for the Lobo movie!

2. Barbara Gordon AKA Batgirl/Oracle

Okay so I might be cheating slightly with this one, everybody now knows about Batgirl and Oracle but only as a side character: she's there to always backup or give information for Batman which is always awesome but its her solo stories that are always amazing. If you were to do a Batgirl movie, it could be a fun yet dark action movie due to the fact that she's a vigilante who has to hide her secret from her father, the police commissioner. If you want to do a movie about Oracle, it could be just as great but a bit more dramatic: an ex-hero having to deal with being unable to walk for probably the rest of her life.

1. Jaime Reyes AKA The Blue Beetle

A hero that I thought would be terrible ended up becoming one of my all time favorites is the fun loving kid from El Paso who gets stuck with an alien device embedded in his spine. This character starts as just a fun hero to read but it slowly becoming one epic story that I hate was cancelled. Jaime Reyes is just a regular kid growing up in El Paso when an alien scarab bonded with him and grew into a highly advanced armor. They form a symbiotic relationship and frienship after awhile and young Jaime learns the history of the Blue Beetle: it began with Dan Garrett who discovered and first wore the scarab but when he died, Dan passed it onto Ted Kord but the scarab did not bond with Kord so the friend of Garrett built his own arsenal and uniform based on the Blue Beetle and continued on the name. Now it's Jaime's turn. As a movie I think this could be like the Ant-Man of the DC Universe, it is mocked from the start but ends up being a classic.

So that's my list of the underrated heroes who need movie, what do you think? Am I wrong or right? Let me know in the comments below and let me know who you think deserves their own solo movie!


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