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So, here's what happened in the past few minutes:

I went on YouTube and I saw a suggestion for a video. The video was the entirety of the 1992 film, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. I had seen the movie many times before. It's one of my favorite Christmas movies and I have the film downloaded on iTunes.

So I clicked on the video, just to check it out and see the quality of it. I scrolled to the comments and I see a comment from Morgan 101, asking if they had seen Trump in the movie. E.S.T.1999 had responded saying it was.

That = my brain.
That = my brain.

Here's the video I clicked on, btw:

Once I saw it, I freaked out. I looked at the part Morgan 101 said Trump was in and the quality of the video was bad. So when I watched it, I thought it COULD have been Trump, but it was nebulous as to whether that was really him.

I quickly went on the Home Alone 2 iMDB page and I found Trump's name and he was listed as Donald Trump. Something about it sill didn't make me believe it, so I Googled "donald trump home alone 2" and sure enough, I found this video.


I couldn't believe it. I remembered that person in the movie. I had watched Home Alone 2 about 17 times in the past (not even exaggerating; I like rewatching movies and TV episodes) and I had remembered him. And I knew Donald Trump as the crazy U.S. presidential candidate that would make America suck again.

And sure enough, this crazy, bumbling person turned out to be in one of my favorite movies. I mean, over the past few days, I've been debating with people about how bad he was, I've been talking with my friends about how insane he was; in fact, just two days ago, my friend joked that if he could kill anyone in the world without consequence, it would be Trump.

JUST YESTERDAY, I retweeted this hilarious Tweet I found:

If you didn't already know, when Kevin is walking around the Plaza Hotel, he asks Trump where the front desk was and Trump responded, "Down the hall, to the left." Then, as Kevin thanks him and walks on, Trump looks at him, confused.


Just to assure you, I still don't support Trump. Vote for Bernie 2016.


Did you know Trump was in Home Alone 2?


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