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It's rumored that The CW is planning a show very similar to 90210 and Summerland. Both these shows were canceled in the past.

Don't kill me, it's a rumor that i saw on a lot of articles, on Ryan's Blog and Christian posts.

The CW wants to bring both stories of 90210 and Summerland together with one of the best writers they have and have some simular characters to these and have a more type of Teen Drama show, that has a some type of characters. They want 10 main characters.

2 that are really focused on Surfing, 2 that are focused on Lacrosse or American Football. 2 that are into music. 2 that are just really girly and 2 just troubled teens.

It are rumored to be 6 boys and 4 girls in the lead.

Matt Lanter and Jesse McCartney are set to return in some type of recurring role. While they would like the main cast to be still very young around 17-25 years old. They would be playing 15 year olds.

Ross Lynch, Jake T. Austin, John Boyega, George Shelley, Timothée Chalamet and Dakota Goyo. These 6 actors have been seen on sets of The CW talking and all say they are going to be in a new project but don't say what it is. Halston Sage, Dove Cameron, Olivia Holt and Kiernan Shipka are also rumored while Lindsey Shaw is also rumored to be in the show in some type of Erika Spalding role of Summerland.

2 surfing characters:

Jake T. Austin

Ross Lynch

2 Lacrosse/American football characters:

John Boyega

Dakota Goyo

2 Music characters:

George Shelley

Dove Cameron

2 Girly characters:

Olivia Holt

Kiernan Shipka

2 Troubled characters:

Timothée Chalamet

Halston Sage

While all of this can be fake, it's still possible The CW is going to make a show simular to 90210 and Summerland.

Matt Lanter and Jesse McCartney would return in a cool way, Matt would be very simular to Jay Robertson in Summerland, while Jesse would be more of a Ryan Matthews (teacher in 90210).

It would be 1 hour, while The CW would also work with Netflix, like this Netflix gets every episode after it got released and they pay The CW and The CW can move forward. The show is expected to hav a big premiere with guest roles of Harry Styles, Wiz Khalifa and other stars.

The new location would be Miami.

with rumored cast:


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