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Why is The Joker still alive in the DCEU? Or is he? At first viewing, I was not the biggest fan of the Batfleck. I thought he was definitely a good man turned cruel. But with the second time around; I loved him in every kind of way. I tried to count how many people Batman killed in Batman v Superman. After an incident last night, I started to think about the recent news of Ben Affleck co-writing a new screenplay with the awesomeness known as Geoff Johns. There was one question I kept asking myself -- would The Red Hood story even matter now that Batman is/was a skrilla (straight-killer)?

This is a fair question even though for some odd reason I've yet to read the comic. I've seen the Animated Feature plenty, but I'm not the biggest fan of actual DC Comics. I honestly believe that the Robin's suit in the Bat Cave might belong to Damian Wayne instead of Jason Todd. This makes more sense to the story that was given in BvS. See, if you do this then his death becomes different in Batman's mind. Batman is a ninja who hates killing in the comics; due to his parents being gunned down at such a young age. Jason Todd's death did not alleviate him to killing in either the comics nor the feature.

So, something else that would have had a far greater impact to lead him to killing people. The main reason for me thinking of this is simply that Batman's a murderous vigilante in the newly formed DCEU and they better have a damn good reason. I honestly wonder -- and we'll find out soon enough how big of a role will Batty's supporting players have in the DCEU. And I know that Alfred mentioned that Bruce has no kids, but I don't know how the story would even matter now.


But I'm still a fan, first and foremost, but of course some of Batman v Superman's plot holes bothered me. Why did Kal-El leave that ship for the Government to experiment on? On the contrary to what Batman said -- Men are not good, really not one bit. How did Dr. Stone get a Mother-Box from Darkseid and how were none of his Parademons seen during the process of planting the boxes like in Justice League: War? I still enjoyed the movie (Batman killing all those people with the Bat-Mobile:) and I don't care how badly the critics bombarded it with unsavory comments. I really want to see what happens next in the DCEU!

I remember watching the animated version and thinking what an impact Batman's confession was that he wants to kill The Joker -- but doesn't. This makes the upcoming Suicide Squad way more interesting! Why doesn't Batman just break-in and kill The Joker at Arkham? I mean he did visit Lex at prison and Snyder already showed how Superman changed Batman with him not branding Luthor at the end. So, I'm not sure if Batty changed his ways, or he's just waiting to be pissed-off again! With the recent trailer and news that Batman will have a greater role, I can't wait to see what he does in Suicide Squad.

I do agree with the lot of you -- the movie left quite a few questions unanswered. I'm just not sure a reformed Batman telling Damian or Jason that he shouldn't kill would have any impact emotionally? It's still an interesting subject matter: Batman's greatest failure.

So, What Else?

I'm sure someone else have talked about this, but I have not -- and I really fell under Batlfeck's charm the second-time around at the Dawn of Justice! First-off, how much are they going to follow Frank Miller's Dark Knight? I've read everyone of those and not the biggest fan. I think everyone is on board to see Nightwing in the DCEU and The Dark Knight Strikes Again is a really, really poorly written. Batman has the richest comic history in all of superheroes. Sadly, it seems Johns and Affleck already written the screenplay and it might surprise you where they're heading.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again
The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Probably Not:

Earth-1, maybe?

There were reports last summer about certain parts of Batman's story being influenced by Johns' Earth-1 Batman stories! We need to see more of how Batman became -- well, Batman. And this is the best way to shake-up the traditional story by having his origin influenced by a recently kind-of-unknown story. I would love to know bits and pieces of Wayne's story through flashbacks. I doubt that we're going to see too much of it in the rest of DCEU's movies. So, WB just give us more of Batman already -- with everyone else to go along!

Batman Earth-1
Batman Earth-1

In Dawn of Justice, Bruce announced that he was a criminal -- just like in TDKR. Now, I want to know more about Batfleck's personality; why he does what he does; who he really is. There's one story that comes to mind that DC could really explore all these things and leave an interesting mark.

I would love to see Bruce explore how similar he actually is compared with the villains that he hunts with the veracity of a Polar Bear's might.

I'm not sure if I'm right, but I firmly believe that Damian's death would have the greatest impact on Batman, instead of Jason Todd's death. They still could do a similar adaptation of The Red Hood, but have a different Robin. Yet, that would take away some awesome stories with the father and son. Jeepers, I'm not sure, but I honestly cannot wait to find out!

Suicide Squad hit theaters on August 5th in the United States!


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