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Spoilers for The Flash and Arrow follow!

Ever since it was revealed that Barry could travel between various earth's, fans have been wondering if the 'Flarrowverse' would introduce Earth 3 and the Crime Syndicate. If a recent leaked set video is anything to go by, then we can expect the villainous team to appear very soon!

Twitter user Diva Jong managed to capture video which is linked here. During the video fans can see Arrow's Katie Cassidy portraying a very different version of The Black Canary. Many have speculated that this could be Laurels Earth Two doppelgänger.

What is very intriguing about the video is the actions of Black Canary. Her body movements make her seem almost evil. Could this be The Flash's attempt to bring in The Crime Syndicate!?

Who are the Crime Syndicate?

The Crime Syndicate are the Earth 3 equivalent of the Justice League but with a major twist. Instead of protecting the earth, they control it. The Syndicate consists of Owlman (Batman) Superwoman (Wonder Woman) Ultraman (Superman and Johnny Quick (Flash) to name a few. Fans may recognise them from the DC animated feature film Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, in which the Justice League must travel to Earth 3 to face the Crime Syndicate.

This would be a great fan service for fans to finally see the Syndicate on screen, even if just for an episode. Could it be possible that Zoom leads the syndicate on Earth 2? We have seen him in league with Reverb, Killer Frost and Deathstorm, could Black Canary be part of the team as well?

While this is all very plausible, there is a much greater theory as to why Black Canary has appeared on Earth 2.

Could The Flash be "rebooting" The Black Canary?

Last week set photos were released showing Laurel Lance's tombstone, all but confirming that Laurel is in the grave on Arrow. While this angers a lot of fans as Laurel was finally getting some great material, could The Flash be bringing her back in her Earth Two form?

Let's face it, Arrow has greatly mishandled Black Canary. From using a tech device for her sonic scream to being a pretty underwhelming fighter, Laurel hasn't had the impact many expected her to have! Although, this could could all be changing with the introduction of Earth 2 Laurel! If The Flash can introduce (or re-introduce?) her as a meta-human whose power is a sonic scream, they could right all of Arrow's wrongs with Laurel.

Much like Killer Frost, Laurel could defect from Zoom in exchange for solitude on Barry's earth. From there she could be introduced to Oliver who would let her join Team Arrow for season 5. With no complicated relationship history between the two, this opens up an opportunity to finally have Green Arrow with Black Canary as it looks like the writers have finally gave in to fans demands and split Oliver and Olicity up.

What do you guys think about this set video? Why is Laurel there? What is her actions? I guess we have to wait and see!


Would you like to see Laurel rebooted on Earth Two?


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