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Batman v Superman is out and the whole internet is totally divided. I'm personally not a fan, I don't hate it but I was really disapointed when I came out after watching it. One of the biggest debates after watching the film is, was Jesse Eisenberg good as Lex Luthor? For me, no. I thought he was really poor and people comparing him to Heath Ledger's Joker is absurd.

Eisenberg came out recently to say that he's unsure if his Lex Luthor will return, which shows a lot of doubt about the character. In the movie, it's not totally confirmed what happened Lex's dad, which leads me to think that there's a chance that Jesse Eisenberg is not the real Lex Luthor; he's just a spoiled, power-hungry kid.

I'm pretty sure in the movie he calls his dad Lex too, so maybe we might see a new Lex in the next movie. The real one. This is a list to see who that actor could be, from the obviously good to the potentially cool. Don't forget to comment what you think!

** This list isn't in any particular order**

5. Bryan Cranston

Let's start with this one and get it out of the way. This is the one I wanted from the start; seeing Mr. White hold Jesse Eisenberg's shoulder and be like, "I got this, son." Is that too much to ask for? He would be the ideal Lex.

I've heard some people say, "It would be Cranston just doing Heisenberg all over again", but I disagree. Sure they're both power-hungry, menacing men, but should that stop a perfect casting? I don't think so. He is undoubtedly one of the best actors in the world at the moment and if he was cast as the real Lex Luthor, the movie will have some redemption and might win over some fans for the sequel. Check out the menacing Cranston in action below.

4. Mark Strong

Mark Strong is a British-born actor who has proved to be a great action star over the years, starring in the surprise hit, Kinsman: The Secret Service. This guy is not only a fantastic actor, but he also looks the part, with the defined jaw and iconic bald head. The only set-back would be that he might look a bit young to be playing Eisenberg's father

3. Kevin Spacey

Back in 2006, the House of Cards actor portrayed Lex Luthor, in what I think was the best on-screen performance ever done for the character. To some, it might sound silly to have the same actor play the character again, but why is it silly? Is it that some people might get confused, because I think that's very unlikely. It's not really normal to recast the same actor for a different franchise, but I feel like they should break the mold to get this legendary actor on board for the sequel. If you've never seen Spacey in the role of Lex Luthor, check it out below.

2. Jaoquin Phoenix

Jaoquin Pheonix is one of the best actors Hollywood has to offer, but lately he hasn't been doing many big films. He appeared in Inherent Vice last year, but that wasn't a major hit. This dude's acting would elevate Lex Luthor, much like the others on this list. He is well able to act crazy, like you can see in a lot of his movies! Check out some of his best roles below!

1. Mads Mikkelsen

If you watch the TV show Hannibal (that was sadly cancelled), then you know how good of an actor this dude is. He is incredibly intense and if you're like me, then you would love to see this guy interact with Batman and Superman.
He definitely has the look down, just needs to shave the head and then I'll be totally down with this dude taking over.. Check him in action on Hannibal, below!

Seeing Lex Snr. join the DCEU seems unlikely at this point, but it would be a very good curve-ball for the franchise to take! To be honest, I was thinking it was going to happen during Batman v Superman! It was kind of let down when it didn't happen.. If DC do this, then they have a second chance at Lex Luthor, rather than giving fans a guy they don't like. Let me know what you think guys!


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