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Ever since Avengers, I've started following the MCU. Most of my posts will be MCU-Related, with a few exceptions. Comic book nerd/debater.

Civil War is going to be kicking off May 6, 2016, which leaves me a bit over a month to analyze the battles that we know (and think!) are going to happen. In our first battle we have two ex-SHIELD agents, a master assassin and the man with the bow.

For both parties, I'll be analyzing feats of strength, speed, skill, and durability. Each side has much to gain, and even more to lose. Without further ado, let's begin this:

Black Widow
Black Widow

In one part of the battle we have Natalia "Natasha" Romanoff, AKA the Black Widow. There isn't much this elite agent doesn't possess in terms of human skill, and what she lacks she more than makes up for with her infamous gear.


  • Expert Hand-to-Hand combatant, as shown in multiple instances against Winter Soldier, the Chitauri, Ultron bots, and HYDRA operatives.
  • Calm Under Pressure/Expert Manipulator, as shown when interrogating Loki, god of mischief, during the Avengers.
  • Talented Hacker, shown when helping James Rhodes recover his War Machine armor.
  • Master Spy, shown multiple times throughout her 4 appearances in the MCU.
  • Widow's Bite, her gauntlet/bracelets that deliver jolts of electricity and contain grappling hooks, these bad boys give shocks to even enhanced foes.
  • Handguns, used to take out multiple foes, particularly in both Avengers films.
  • Electric Batons, seen in Age of Ultron, very similar to the Widow's Bite bracelets, they deliver massive jolts of electricity to opponents.

Definitely a contender against Hawkeye, but let's look at the competition:


On the other side we have Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye. The ex-SHIELD agent was best friends with the Widow before Civil War. The master archer is going to have some troubles dealing with the stakes, but he's definitely ready for the challenge.


  • Master Hand-to-Hand Expert, as evidenced in his fight with Black Widow, the Chitauri, and Ultron bots.
  • Amazing Marksmanship, so good that he's only missed once due to intervention from Quicksilver. He can hit flying Chitauri ships without looking, and fire multiple arrows at once.
  • Customized Bow, seen in each of his appearances, it comes with controls for his quiver and can fold itself for easy transport/concealment.
  • Customized Quiver, upgraded by Tony Stark in Age of Ultron. He carries multiple arrows ranging from electric to explosive.

Now we begin analyzing the battle itself. Before we begin, let's start with considerations:

  • They were the best of friends before the events of Civil War, and this may conflict their morals a bit for the actual battle.
  • Both have ranged and melee capabilities, making this a hard battle to gauge.
  • Black Widow has already bested Hawkeye in hand-to-hand combat, granted he was under mind control and it could be argued he was hindered, it's something to go off of.


  • Ranged: Hawkeye due to trick arrows
  • Hand-To-Hand: Black Widow
  • Gear: Stalemate
  • Durability: Black Widow
  • Strength: Black Widow, shown in Winter Soldier fight
  • Versatility: Hawkeye
  • Speed (reactions): Hawkeye
  • Speed (travel): Hawkeye due to grappling arrows
  • Speed (combat): Black Widow, more showings

The initial ratio is: Widow 4:1:4 Hawkeye. The on is the stalemate.

What we really need to consider in this particular battle is the starting distance. Sure, either party could close said distance easily, but it matters due to trick arrows and guns. However, their morals are going to be in conflict. They're "still friends" in the last TV spot, but how hard are they going to hit each other? After multiple reruns through movies the logical conclusion is:

Black Widow wins.

Not only does she have the perfect counter to Hawkeye's arrows, bullets (which travel much faster), her hand-to-hand prowess and other weapons more than make up for her lack of accuracy (in comparison to Hawkeye). She's bested him before, and it's arguable she was holding back in order to cure him (mind control). Her hand to hand capabilities have also shown off against the Winter Soldier, someone who was giving even Captain America (arguably the best hand-to-hand combatant in the MCU before Civil War comes out) trouble. That's the verdict.

Anyone reading this, please leave comments on what you think and what you'd like for the next battle to be.


What do you think? Black Widow vs Hawkeye?


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