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Ok hear me out, I know that there is already one but just take a moment to embrace this and listen.....

My DC Cinematic Universe goes by the actual comicsin the first wave, by going by the comic books I mean charters coming in sequential order. Now this has the most iconic characters of DC Comics of course but it also has some risky aND somewhat memorable characters as well. Here is all of Waves 1-3 in my DC Cinematic Universe.

Wave 1:

Superman: Man of steel

Batman: The Dark Knight

Wonder Woman: The first heroine

Aquaman: King of Atlantis

Green Lantern: The Emerald Knight

The Flash: Scarlet Speedster

The Justice League of America

Wave 2:

Batman: Court of Owls

Wonder Woman: God of War

Aquaman: The Devil's Triangle

The Flash: Crime Syndicate


Blue Beetle

The Atom

Justice League A.I Unlimited

Superman: Heart of steel

Wave 3:

The Immortal Doctor Fate

The Flash: Rogues

Superman: Doomsday

Batman: Gotham Asylum

Aquaman: King Shark

Green Lantern: Avarice

Wonder Woman: Circe's Island

Blue Beetle: Scarlet Scarab

The Injustice League

The Justice League Forever Evil part 1

The Justice League Forever Evil part 2



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