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A group of friends who love movies, love talking about movies and have a blast doing so. Best Movie Talk Show Period! (on the east coast)
Shane Moore

CineTalk is a Movie Talk show by movie fans!

Here's what we talk about on this episode of CineTalk.

1. Introductions

2. What movies we are excited to see?

3. New News!

4. Box office recap (top 5 at the box office last weekend)

5. New movies coming out this weekend

6. Our box office predictions for this coming weekend

7. James Gunn tweets, and we talk about it.

8. Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer

9. Suicide Squad reshoots.

10. In or out of the Movie Trailer Park.

11. Trailer #1 Search Party starring T.J. Miller, Adam Pally and Alison Brie.

12. Trailer #2 Tale of Tales starring Selma Hayek and John C. Reilly

13. But FIRST let me take a selfie.

14. New Photos drop while Doctor Strange films in a familiar city, and they get an odd reaction.

15. Random Rants & Rave Reviews

16. Deadpool had a pitch to do something creative during the ending title sequence...which obviously didn't happen, but we talk about it anyway.

17. Chad talks about all the goodness that is hitting Netflix this month!

18. Chad also says he is extending the challenge! New goals are 4200 likes on Facebook (we need 444 new likes on and 37 new subscribers on to reach 210 subscribers.

19. Questions from the CinePublic

20. More new Subscribers since last show. We give them all shout outs!

21. Signing off and where you can find us on social media.

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