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Master Tigress The boldest strongest and arguably, most loved character of the Furious Five.

This article does contain some mild spoilers about Tigress's story arc if you haven't already seen Kung Fu Panda 1, 2 and 3.

Now what do we know about her? So Far...

During this, I will try to use a many images as possible to help you picture her story the best.

Ok, let’s go in chronological order.

The earliest shown of Tigress's story is actually in an episode of Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness called 'Kung Fu Day Care' where Tigress finds a small goose type child who had been kidnapped, but escaped. When she brings him back to the Jade Palace Shifu instructs Tigress to take care of him, as she protests Shifu responds saying 'Master Tigress, this is a young child who has been separated from his parents and is in a strange place. You know how frightening that can be'. It then appears she gets a vision of her parents placing her, as a baby at the step of the Bao Gu Orphanage (where it’s said she stayed for a few years until Shifu takes from home). You can see an image of this below.

During this scene its clearly shown that her parents walk away. So there you have it, Tigress's parents are in fact still alive (as far as we know from what we have been shown)

Moving on. The next stage of her story is shown the short film 'Secrets of the Furious Five' where Po goes through each member of the Furious Five and tells you a little about their back story (to a group of bunnies)

We pick up back at the Bao Gu Orphanage where Tigress was originally left. It's said this orphanage had a problem, and that problem was Tigress. She was widely 'feared' by all in the orphanage due to not being able to control her temper and strength. The carers in the orphanage then shut her into a small, isolated room away from the other children because of what she could do.

The carers called upon Shifu to help. Shifu teaches young Tigress how to control her anger, temper and strength. He does by learning Tigress the discipline she needed to herself through the game of dominos. As she progresses the Bao Gu Orphanage becomes a much happier place where Tigress now safely plays with the other children, which was the goal that Shifu had. But for Tigress one goal remained, to get adopted. Unfortunately when the time comes, all the visiting adults where still too scared of her and didn’t take her home. This devastated her. However right at the end of this short film, Shifu comes back (who Tigress has now become quite fond of) and say to her 'let’s go home'. Overjoyed, you then see tigress happily following him into the sunset, to become one of his students and to live in the Jade Palace.

Aw, so this far we know she has had a pretty rough childhood up to now and that she sees Shifu in very high regard, because of the compassion he has shown her.

Next, we see her briefly in the first Kung Fu panda film as a small child (not long after the events at the Orphanage as she still looks fairly young)

Even in her new home, Tigress still felt unaccepted because of Shifu's personality (Closed and Stern) because of his former student Tai Lung. This lead to Tigress constantly seeking Shifus praise and approval. It's also said she had developed a strong aversion (dislike) to asking questions, as she had been ridiculed by other for her childlike curiosity in the past. (Stated in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness)

After this brief moment in the first film the next we see of her is in the most recent short film, Secrets of the scroll. Tigress is a teenager, still seeking his approval and acceptance. She tries, and is encouraged by Shifu to fight in his fighting style, which she doesn't excel in as much as Shifu wanted. Trying to impress Shifu, she instists on fetching 4 warriors asked for by Shifu to help protect the valley from a threat. Cutting the story short, she basically accidentally recruits 4 random strangers instead (who later turn out to be the rest of the furious five). Because Shifu is unable to fight Tigress in the only semi-trained kung fu wielder to stop the threat posed to the valley. She tries using Shifu's technique against the threat (Boar) and fails. The the rest of the (to be) Furious Five come to her aid, giving her time to realise that she needs to fight Boar Tigress style. She then defeats him, using Tigress style.

This is a learning curve for Shifu as he now realises that he must train Tigress in her style. He also takes on the rest of the Furious Five to be as students.

Now after the event and leading up to the first film, Tigress masters the Tiger Style of kung fu and helps the rest of the five to protect the valley. She is the unofficial 'leader' of the furious five.

Now i think ill leave it at that, as after this comes the films, which i shall assume most know about.


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