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That All Started With The Big Bang…

Fans of The Big Bang Theory may have noticed all the different props and items located throughout Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. There’s a War of the Worlds poster on the wall, a Rubik’s cube tissue box on the table, a three dimensional chess board, and of course there is multiple superhero action figures dotted across the entire apartment. It’s like a game of "Where’s Wally". (For the Americans, it's "Where's Waldo"). But have you seen this one particular prop that a very few of us noticed to start with?

Can you spot The Big Bang Theory mystery prop?
Can you spot The Big Bang Theory mystery prop?

Sheldon has Vulcan hearing, but do you have an eagle eye? There’s been one item in hanging on Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment wall. Have you spotted it? The item hanging on the wall appears to be antique looking and something very old. When it was first noticed, it caused everyone’s mind to explode with questions, but thankfully one Twitter user finally identified what it actually was!

No It Isn't A Wooden Keyboard...

Now you really need to be eagle eyed. Look closely and you’ll notice that every row has a fuse connected to it from left to right. Then you’ll see that every fuse is bolted down to its connection on the terminal block with two bolts. Sheldon once asked if they wanted the long or short answer, well I'm giving you the short answer. Basically it’s an antique fuse holder. Makes sense now — two scientists with something rather valuable and scientific.

Next time you watch an episode, be sure to look out for the antique fuse holder hanging in the hallway! Well whilst you're at it, you may as well look out for other hidden objects or Easter Eggs - especially Penny's fridge.

Did you notice the mystery object?


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