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I think it's pretty common knowledge by now, but I'll say it anyway, the internet is amazing. We're in a weird point in our society where people who would seem pretty inaccessible even a few years back are just a Twitter mention away. Naturally, there are pros and cons to having that bridge between stars and fans. Right now, I just want to focus on the awesome.

Victory Cosplay recently tweeted out her awesome rendition of Finn from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and what happened next was, I assume, the shock of her life. Here's the initial tweet:

Pretty sweet, right? Judging from the number of re-tweets a lot of people also thought that it was an awesome photo. Even a certain someone approved of it.

What better compliment is there in the world than having John Boyega say that he's in love? I think you'd be pretty hard pressed to find anything better. I kind of wish I was there to see how she reacted to the tweet. If it were me, my reaction would be along the lines of a pterodactyl screech.

Props to John Boyega for being an awesome human being, and even bigger props to Victory Cosplay for her amazing Finn! You could even say this whole thing was a really big victory in cosplay. Get it? Because — yeah I'll probably leave the internet for a while now.

You can catch more of her stuff on Twitter and Facebook. Links below.

Are you pumped for 'Episode VIII'?


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