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Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, 'Day Watch' will leave you in a state of constant confusion masked with a barrage of unique cinematography. Attempts to keep up with the muddled plot line will be found in vain for most in this realm of witches, bloodsuckers, and changelings. Director Timur Bekmambetov utilizes every ounce of creativity to overcome the narrative's disarray but ultimately failed in 'Day Watch'.

'Day Watch' opens with ancient conqueror Tamerlan obtaining the Chalk of Destiny which allows whatever is written to come true. Rejoining modern day Russia, we find ourselves following the Night Watch duo of Anton and Svetlana - a couple fighting urges to admit their love for one another. The Night Watch is a team tasked with policing the Dark Others - coincidentally, Day Watch polices the Light Others to maintain their truce.

Svetlana soon discovers that Anton's son, Yegor, is the perpetrator in a harshly punishable crime forcing Anton to hide the incriminating evidence. Anton's bad deeds are discovered and he is to be punished for his actions - somehow involving swapping bodies with his colleague? This is where the film derails completely in terms of plot with more and more characters being introduced with their own sub-plots. Their stories converge at the final battle between good and evil, taking place at young Yegor's birthday party.

Bekmambetov created something that will entertain throughout due to striking cinematography, but ultimately fail to pull itself out of the depths of mediocrity.


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