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Let me start by saying, this episode was terrific for the most part. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the best person to play Negan and brings him to life with charisma and a terrifying air of menace. The episode was terrifying and suspenseful, accurately reflecting the group's emotions as they gradually grew more frantic and harried in their quest to get Maggie to the Hilltop.

But the ending was bullish*t.

Maybe it's because the hype was absolutely insane. Maybe it's because the producers all but guaranteed that we would see someone die for real. But no, all we got was a BS cliffhanger to keep us waiting until season 7 just to see who died. And now, we have to go through six straight months of "?" and speculation and crazy theories with examination of every single camera angle of that fateful moment where Negan brings Lucille down.

And the hype the characters gave is just rubbing salt in the wound. Melissa McBride said it "felt like [she] fell into a black hole". Or that Andrew Lincoln was so angry and frustrated he felt like he was going to be sick. Well, now we know it's not because of who died, but its because he didn't know who die.

The rest of season 6B felt great, like it was building to something big, but building to a cliffhanger feels like a cheap cop-out on the part of the producers, just to make fans pissed off and engrossed at the same time. Showing us who died would have been a far more effective season ending and would have given us time to think about the rest of the next season, instead of just focusing on who we think died.

Well, there was my rant. Like it? Hate it? hit me up in the comments section.


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