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Let's just jump into this list. Any snarky comments may result in Frank Castle showing up at my door me...


There's this fight:

And then someone finds Frank's body parts, and makes this:

I don't even think this was a Halloween issue!

Not Woverine's nuts!

Yep, he shoots them off, right after he shoots Logan's face off too. I think he runs him over with a steamroller next, is that right?

A Black Punisher!

So this isn't really WTF-worthy in our day and age, but it's how it happened. After Jigsaw messed up Frank's face, a plastic surgeon fixed him up...and boy did he ever.

Not sure how real this is, but apparently the cops pulled Punisher over within a day of him turning black:

It's on the internet, so it has to be true, right??

Punisher meets Archie

In one of the weirdest crossovers ever, the Punisher meets Archie and the gang after mistaking Archie for a drug dealer named Red.

Honest mistake at a high school prom, right?


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