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Now that The Flash has taken it's place at the top of my Must-Watch Hulu List, it seems fitting that Barry/Wally/Jay/Bart gets his own WTF list!

It seems pretty cut and dry, really, writing about a guy who can run really fast. Doesn't it? Not too much room for weirdness and awkwardness?

There's always room for that!

1. Fidel Castro Throws The Scarlet Speedster A Party!

After a little rumble in the jungle, troublemaking aliens posing as Castro, and CIA involvement, it all was cool beans — 'cause good ol' Fidel threw Flash a party!

2. Flash Runs Fast, And Then Flash Runs FAST

The user Chibio on posted this pic, along with the stats:

Hey, I guess when half-a-million lives are at stake, even the Flash can step it up a little!

3. A Storyline Worthy Of 'Days Of Our Lives'

The Flash has a secret twin brother! The inebriated doctor screwed up the delivery of a child in the wealthy Thawne family, so he stole one of Nora Allen's twins, claiming it to be stillborn, and gave that baby to the Thawnes. Well, of course the kid grew up and found out, became Cobalt Blue, and they've been Hatfielding and McCoying ever since!

4. This Death Though

Barry created a speed vortex to stop the Anti-Monitor's Earth-destroying antimatter plans (get all that?), but he disintegrated. Did he come back, though? Of course he came back!

5. Grodd Can't Actually Read His Mind In The Comics

Say whaaat! Grodd has a pretty big disadvantage in the comics that I haven't seen in the show, at least not yet. Or maybe I missed it all together (I'm sure someone will let me know if that's the case!). But the Flash's mind in the comics is too fast to be read or controlled by psychics.

Sometimes I wonder if I have that superpower, too, where my brain just won't calm the SQUIRREL down!

6. He Was So Fast, He Once Broke The World

In a story that the TV series borrowed from the comics, Barry speeds back through time to save his mom from being murdered by the Reverse Flash. But instead, he screws up reality, making it so that Bruce Wayne was murdered instead of his parents, Superman is locked away underground, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman destroy part of the world fighting each other. Barry fixed it eventually (of course), but damn dude, who knew the Speed Force could do that?

That would make a great story in the TV show.

7. Speed Demon!

In a crossover with DC and Marvel where some characters got combined with others, Ghost Rider and Flash got mixtaped to make Speed Demon!

Wouldn't Ghost Rider running that fast, um, kinda put his flame out?


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