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Spoilers ahead. Kinda.

So the big buildup of having Negan revealed on AMC's The Walking Dead just happened.

HUGE disappointment. Way overhyped.

It's been prophecy on The Walking Dead that "Once Negan arrives...", "Just wait until Negan comes in...", "You won't believe your eyes when Negan shows up...", etc., etc. Well Negan just arrived and the verdict is? Jefferey Dean Morgan is pretty neat as Negan.

Yep, that's it. He plays a pretty cool character; and his baseball bat, Lucille is pretty swell also; and Rick and the gang sure do look scared.

"Oh wow! He's gonna beat the holy hell out of someone? Oh man, the tension! It's so good I hate it! Oh wow! He's crazy! Just pick someone already! Oh geez! Who is it!? Who is it!? Oh wow, he hit them good! Quick cut the camera! Cut to who ever is being ! Who is it!? God****** who is it!?

*Cut to Black*

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Just blew it. Absolutely blew it, AMC. What could have been The Walking Dead's "Red Wedding" - the infamous Game of Thrones episode of multiple lead character deaths in one scene causing international heartbreak - left us on a most perplexing and almost downright cruel cliffhanger in which a most promised episode of "stomach-churning emotion" instead gave us a little over 55 minutes of Rick and the gang driving around in an RV, with Morgan trying and failing to instill in Carol the will to live, and finally ending in Jeffery Dean Morgan pacing around Rick's gang before whacking a POV camera when the highly anticipated finale cuts to black. We've essentially been given the Dumpster Glenn Episode all over again, instead this time, we're not going to be waiting for weeks to get some peace of mind, we'll be waiting an incredibly endearing 6 f***ing months. Some of you may prefer hibernation or cryogenic freezing. See you in October!

What was so messed up about this is that instead of allowing us a good 6 month breather to clear our heads and "mourn" after losing a major Walking Dead cast member right in front of us with the rest of the gang, we're now instead left to wait an absurd amount of time for a cliffhanger resolution that was completely inappropriate for a season finale, effectively losing most of it's steam and impact when season 7 finally comes around in SIX MONTHS.

Granted, what we did learn in this finale was first, that Coral has now accepted Enid as a close enough friend or possible romantic interest for their shared relationship in the post-apocalyptic future. OK cool enough.

Maggie appears to be suffering from some infection or form of miscarriage (help me out here ladies) with time definitely NOT on her side. Glenn, Rosita, Michonne, and Daryl have been missing since Glenn, Rosita and Michonne went after Daryl who was dead set on getting revenge for Denise's murder, wherein they ran into Daryl's new arch nemesis, a Savior he spared in the woods. Rick, Abraham, Coral, Sasha, and Eugene set out for the Hilltop with a deathly ill Maggie needing immediate medical attention, their doctor having been put down by Daryl's crossbow, stolen by one of the Saviors.

The problem is, Rick and the gang can't make it out of Alexandria's kingdom. Every possible exit leads to a roadblock, each one crawling with Saviors, heavily armed and showing they mean business (poor random guy).

Rick and the gang are baited into a clearing, having abandoned their RV, Eugene valiantly volunteering as bait while the gang tries to tear through the thick Georgian woods on foot under cover of night. Well, that plan doesn't work out too well when they're surrounded, stripped of their gear and forced down on their knees when this guy shows up.

And he knows Rick's game inside and out. Rick is petrified realizing the situation they've gotten themselves into. This isn't some "Oh no! What're they gonna do!?" situation, this is a "Holy f***, this is maddening!" kind of situation. What this episode did very well was inject about as much tension and uneasiness into a Walking Dead episode there may very well have ever been. You'd expect a massive payoff to relieve that built-up-over-damn-near-an-entire-year level of tension correct? Well guess again! See you walkers in 6 months where we'll left off to be like, "Oh yeah, I totally forgot half a year ago that Negan hit someone with a baseball bat."

What did you think of tonight's Walking Dead Season 6 Finale? Let us know below!

- Josh Price


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