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In a recent interview with Moviepilot, Sebastian Stan was asked in a fan question, which superhero he would like to play other than the Winter Soldier, to which he responded:

"This is a tough question because I feel like Marvel would kill me if I say that."

Could his response be hinting at the character's future in the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and or future MCU films?

**POSSIBLE SPOILERS** For those familiar with the Civil War and The Death of Captain America story arcs in Marvel Comics, it is well known that at the end of the conflict, Captain America is taken into custody and killed the same day of his arraignment. In the aftermath of those events, Bucky ultimately takes up Steve Roger's mantle to become the next Captain America. It has been a popular topic of speculation among those in Marvel comic fandom as to how closely the film adaptation will follow the comic book story lines. While Steve Rogers death does not actually take place in the seven issue Civil War arc, the aftermath of that event had major consequences in post-Civil War comic issues especially for Cap and Bucky.

Could Sebastian Stan's response to the fan question imply that he would like to play Captain America and is in fact going to? It is easy to see how Marvel would be uncomfortable with that response if they have those plans for Bucky in the works. The real question then is whether Marvel plans to mesh both Civil War and The Death of Captain America story arcs into the upcoming summer film, or deal with Cap's death in an entirely separate future film.

In all fairness, it could be just as likely that Sebastian Stan meant he would like to play a non-Marvel character such as Batman in his response to the question, in which case Marvel might feel just as uncomfortable. What are your thoughts? Vote in the poll below or post your comments.

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What did Sebastian Stan mean in his fan question response?


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