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Attack the Block produced by the producers of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead. This movie is basically an alien invasion movie that takes place in a poor block in London. The movie’s main characters are a couple of teenagers and a young woman. And the main character is played by the John Boyega and if you don't know him, he the African guys from star wars or known as Finn. The movie starts of with the teenagers mugging the young woman. Then, shortly they interpreted by an alien invasion. Eventually the movie leads up to the young woman and the teenagers working together to stop their common enemy.

The Teenagers
The Teenagers

The weird thing is that the main teenagers are all kind of meat heads. When I was watching this movie I didn't really like the the teenagers because of this but eventually they have their moments where they become a little bit likable. Definitely John Boyega does a tremendous job making us the audience hate him.

The aliens in the film are interesting. The story keeps them very unknown and it's probably because they didn't have the budget to go in depth about it, but that didn't hurt the movie. In fact, it makes the creatures seem a bit more scary. Although, I did feel that the monsters did not look to scary based on the costume design, but the filmmakers were able to use suspense in a very good way making them seem scarier than they seem. They also make it that taking down one of the aliens is hard so this makes us scared that the main characters will soon have to face more of these lethal creatures the lurking in the dark.

I do have to say I like how the movie felt real at the same time being a sci-fi movie. It felt like something like this could possible occur and it was very creative how the aliens were not these extremely advanced beings, but rather more like savage beasts hunting down their prey.

Overall, I did enjoy the film. You could tell that the movie was on a lower budget but I felt like it was a very impressive movie for what limitations it had. The plot is basic but enjoyable and I like the characters more and more gradually throughout the film but it's just hard to relate to a bunch of gangsters who in the very first scene rob a helpless woman. I would give this film a B-.


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