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Nikodim Trashkov

Walking out of the theater after just seeing Batman v Superman I have to say I'm worried. I'm worried for the Justice League and I'm worried for the DCU. While most of the DC fanboys are busting a nut over Dark Side being in The Justice League I am pondering weather or not it will be as much of a cluster fuck as Batman v Superman with 568 different subplots or will it actually be a good and focused movie. It is easy to get caught up in all of the excitement about certain characters being in the movie and lose sight of the actual quality of the film making. It is important to not forget these are movies so they have to made well.

The characters have to be written competently. The characters in Batman v Superman where not written well. Regardless of the fact that this was the coolest Batman I have ever seen with all the fighting and stuff, he did not feel like Batman. There was not characterization. You never knew what his beliefs where and what he stood for. He was killing people and branding people and it was never explained why. Superman was acting like a sassy emo teenage girl and again, you never know why. The movie never took it's time to slow down and dive into the mind of these characters. It was all just spectacle. If Zack Snyder and company can't develop two main characters in 151 minutes how the hell is he going to develop all the members of The Justice League. Keep in mind all the stand alone movies except for Wonder Woman are coming out after The Justice League.

Instead of starting slowly but surly DC is throwing everything they have at the screen. Whereas Marvel took years to set up The Avengers. There where stand alone movies where you got to know the characters. You got to know their strengths and weaknesses. That is why The Avengers worked as well as it did because you already knew the characters and it was really cool to see them interact with each other.

Superhero movies now days are so obsessed with setting up other movies that they become sidetracked. The reason why The Dark Knight trilogy was so good was because it was focused. It did not worry about setting up other movies and it was not distracted by a bunch of bullshit.

Not only that but the movie is still in pre-production and it is coming out on the 17 November 2017. How are they going to deliver a coherent well polished movie before that deadline without it just ending up being a huge CGI mess. These are the questions you should be asking. I don't want to hate on the movie but judging by what we saw previously with Man of Steel and Batman v Superman you have take everything with a grain of salt and I urge you to do the same. Don't be blind to this.

This trailer is basically a 3 minute summary of Batman v Superman


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