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The Wasteland just got a little bit bigger, with the first additional content pack for Bethesda's ambitious Fallout 4 arriving last week on March 22.

Automatron introduces the maniacal Mechanist and her robot army as part of a new three hour (ish) long quest sequence, but perhaps most interestingly is the new ability which Automatron affords you, namely that of being able to craft and piece together your own robot army.

As such the main prize from this expansion is the robotic addition but, as any good scavenger will know, building those bots takes materials - a lot of materials.

Sorry Shaun, it had to be done.
Sorry Shaun, it had to be done.

But there's no need to tear down your settlements or tear out your hair over hours spent foraging for elusive screws, because Automatron also introduces something to make the material gathering ordeal a whole lot easier.


RobCo's EyeBots have been floating around in the series since the very first Fallout game, most noticeably in Fallout 3 where they bobbed around the Capital Wasteland spreading Enclave propaganda and generally being irritating. But now, for the first time, we can make them work for us (ED-E excluded).

Once you've defeated the Automatron quests you have the opportunity to get your hands on your very own EyeBots. But these aren't mere radio broadcasting units or even additional companions - they're your own personal scavenging service, and they really do make things that little bit easier on your Sole Survivor.

Finding The Schematics

After you've completed the last mission on the roster - Restoring Order - The EyeBot Pod schematics can be found in the Mechanist's Lair. From facing the Master Control Terminal head through the door to your right, turn right again down the corridor then right again into Isabel Cruz's room there.

Sitting on a table to the left of the entrance you'll find the schematics, a blue roll of paper on the table. In fact, it's probably easier to find if you just check out the video below (via NamelessDreadx37x on YouTube):

Pick up the schematics and - boom - you can now build EyeBot Pods at your outdoor workshops. You can find the Pods under the "Special" category in your workshop crafting menu, and you'll need to following materials to build one:

  • Copper x 2
  • Circuitry x 4
  • Aluminum x 6
  • Fiber Optics x 2
  • Nuclear Material x 2

You'll also need to have the Pod hooked up to a generator with at least six energy available to run it.

EyeBot Pods

The EyeBot Pod is a workstation which sends out EyeBots into the Wastes to seek and collect specific materials chosen by the player; including building components, ammo, and explosives. Kinda like Dogmeat's search function, but metallic and able to function more autonomously.

So your EyeBots spread out across the lands to do your bidding, searching for whatever your heart needs, and then they return to deposit the materials at your workbench for your Sole Survivor to collect. Pretty handy right?

And if that's not enough to impress you, remember that there's a mod some hero (TheDBCrew) created to fix the major failing of Automatron which was, of course, the inability to put hats on your robots.

'Craftable Hats' mod by TheDBCrew
'Craftable Hats' mod by TheDBCrew

The future is now.

The 'Fallout 4: Automatron' DLC is available to download across all platforms now!


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