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DC is going balls to the wall with their Extended Universe right now. Justice League Part One begins filming next week and Wonder Woman will wrap this spring. With solo flicks for Aquaman and The Flash also close, Warner Bros. hasn't had that much time to focus on a solo Batman movie.

Or so they'd like you to think.

The great mystery of exactly when this Batfleck solo adventure will arrive remains unsolved, but it will arrive — the universally positive reaction to Affleck's first round as the Caped Crusader in Batman v Superman guarantees it. Somewhere at DC Towers, dollar signs are flashing in the eyes of the money men — and anytime that happens, movies get made. 'Tis the law of Hollywood.

Excellent animated gif game.
Excellent animated gif game.

In July 2015, Deadline reported that Ben Affleck and DC Comics genius Geoff Johns had written the story for Batman's reboot together and would finish the script before the end of summer. That makes sense of the reports last week claiming that Affleck had completed work on the script.

All of which makes it quite bizarre that Zack Snyder is now claiming not to know if a solo Batman movie is in the cards at all. Here's what he had to say about the whole mysterious shebang during the Batman v Superman press tour:

Have you convinced Ben Affleck to do that standalone Batman film yet?

ZS: "I keep working on him [to confirm], he's always said he's a one movie at a time guy. He's finishing editing his film, Live By Night and then he comes to Justice League and then after that, I think he's going to try and develop the story. Then we'll see if he likes it ... I think he would [also direct it]. I think that's kind of the prerequisite, hopefully, for him doing [it]."

Ultimately, somebody between Affleck's agent and Zack Snyder is twisting the truth about where this movie is at, but it wouldn't be a surprise if Warner Bros. and DC came out and announced that we'll have a new Batman adventure within a couple of years, even if that means Justice League Part Two moving back a few months.

The question of why Snyder would be pretending not to know what's happening is a good one, but then anyone who's feasted their eyes upon Batman v Superman will know that some questions don't have logical answers.

What is good to know is that the movie can't happen without Affleck in the director's chair. If you saw The Town or Argo, you already know that this man is a damn talented director, and he's not about to be the first man to f*ck up a Batman movie since Joel Schumacher gave George Clooney a gigantic Bat-crotch.

So, the solo Batventure is coming. We don't know when it's coming. But it will be directed by Ben Affleck, it will be written by Ben Affleck, and it will star Ben Affleck. It's good news for us, and it's great news for Ben Affleck's bank balance.


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