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WARNING: Spoilers ahead for 'The Walking Dead' comic and TV series. Do not read on unless you have seen Episode 16, 'Last Day On Earth.'

After months — or even years — of waiting, last night's season finale of The Walking Dead, "Last Day On Earth," finally brought the villainous Negan to life. His introduction scene was some of the most harrowing and tension-filled television I've ever watched. And despite the fact that the episode ended on a cliffhanger, there was still a sense of Season 6 being nicely tied up, because we finally met the big man in charge.

All in all The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was a pretty beautiful beast. After building the tension for much of the episode, with the gang coming up against progressively bigger blockades, the episode culminated in a genuine goosebump-inducing final 10 minutes. But sprinkled amongst all of that there were other gems — did you clock everything? Take a look below and see for yourself in the five things you might have missed in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 16, "Last Day on Earth."

1. A Dark Subplot Showed The Saviors' Brutality

While we might not have seen who got Lucille'd at the end of the episode, we did see the Saviors kill another person when they dropped a poor guy off a bridge with a chain around his neck. While we never learned his name, he and his former community had a bit of a subplot in the episode, which served to show us once again how brutal and unforgiving Negan and the Saviors can be.

The Saviors chase the man.
The Saviors chase the man.

First up, the man was pursued through the woods as he attempted to flee from the gang of Saviors. After he was caught, it became clear that the Saviors had a deal with this man and his people; though, unlike Hilltop, this group hadn't followed the Saviors' rules quite as closely, with the leader telling the unfortunate man:

"Why the face? I hope you're not putting this on us. We showed your people the way forward, we gave you rules. You broke the rules so folks had to die. The one who fired the first shot, we strung him up to make an example of him. You could have stopped there, but you people still didn't listen. You wanted to fight us, so this is how it has to be."

Soon it becomes clear where this man and his people had been living, after he asks the leader of the gang, who was using him as an example, if "everyone at the library" was dead.

The library that Morgan and Carol take refuge in.
The library that Morgan and Carol take refuge in.

Moments later, we see that Morgan and Carol find themselves taking refuge in the man's former safe house, the Viskocil Public Library. As Morgan explores outside, he stumbles upon the man that the Saviors had "strung up" as a result of him shooting first.

Along with all the others who tried to fight against the Saviors:

Yep, just another sneaky way of showing how damn brutal and coldhearted the Saviors and Negan are — if you don't give them what they want, you and your community are better off dead.

2. Morgan Broke His Code

Morgan let rip on the Savior.
Morgan let rip on the Savior.

After frustrating residents of Alexandria and viewers for the whole season with his "all life is precious" mantra, in "Last Day On Earth" Morgan finally broke his code.

Morgan choosing to kill the Savior in order to save Carol (who had just run away from Alexandria so she wouldn't have to kill anymore) was a pretty powerful scene, and it ultimately seemed to prove that, like most things, moderation is key. Obviously killing people en masse is never a great thing, but neither is refusing to kill an objectively bad person who is threatening one of your friends.

While I don't think Morgan is about to turn into a human-killing machine anytime soon, I do think that he has accepted than sometimes there are no other options.

3. Carol And Morgan Are Headed To A Whole New Community

Morgan officially meets a man from The Kingdom.
Morgan officially meets a man from The Kingdom.

Things didn't look good for Carol before Morgan showed up and broke his own code by killing a man. However, it was after Morgan killed the Savior that things truly got interesting, when the mystery man from Episode 15 reappeared, this time bringing a friend.

Last week I wrote about this man and the high probability that he was from a community called The Kingdom, and this week that seems to have been confirmed, again thanks to the men's protective clothing, use of horses and spears. The Kingdom is a community firstly introduced in the comic series in Issue 108 and has a similar setup to Alexandria and Hilltop.

Luckily for Morgan and Carol, the men from The Kingdom proved themselves to be friendly, and even offered to help the pair. Though we didn't see any more from this group in the finale I think it's safe to say that we'll catch up with them again in Season 7, and when we do the world is going to expand even more with the introduction of a whole new community.

4. Negan's Words Echoed Rick's

Rick telling Carl "you are not safe" in Season 5 Episode 2
Rick telling Carl "you are not safe" in Season 5 Episode 2

This nice little catch was spotted by Redditor Jas_94.

Way back in Season 5, Episode 2 after the gang finds a helpless Father Gabriel, Carl and Rick have a discussion about trust. Carl tells his father that he trusts Gabriel because he doesn't believe that everyone in the world can be a bad guy. However, Rick is quick to tell him, "You are not safe," and that he should never let his guard down.

This line in Season 5 was one of those moments in The Walking Dead when you realize the apocalypse has totally changed the world and people forever, and to be honest it was a pretty jarring exchange to witness between father and son.

Well, obviously the writers of The Walking Dead love jarring us, because the "you are not safe" line was repeated again in last night's finale, but instead of Rick saying this to Carl, this time it was Negan to Rick. Ouch, talk about your own advice coming back to bite you. Maybe Rick and Negan are more similar than they'd care to imagine...

5. That End Scene Was Basically The Comic Brought To Life

For those that understand the reference, the end scene of The Walking Dead Season 6 finale was basically the Red Wedding (Game Of Thrones) moment for Walking Dead comic readers. They've known for years that this moment was coming and have been frothing at the mouth in anticipation of finally seeing it on screen.

While the end may have left a little to be desired, one thing that comic fans would have absolutely loved was how closely the episode mirrored the source material. From "pee pee pants city," through to Negan berating Carl for being so serious, there was so much amazing comic book dialogue.

In fact, the scene was almost word for word, except for Negan's F-bombs. But while Negan's propensity for swearing didn't quite make it to broadcast, The Walking Dead comic Twitter account has confirmed that the Blu-ray version will be very sweary:


'The Walking Dead' will return with Season 7 in October, but 'Fear The Walking Dead' returns with Season 2 next Sunday, April 10 on AMC.

What are your thoughts on 'The Walking Dead' Season 6 finale? Angry or impressed?


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