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In the wake of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)'s many, sometimes incomprehensible, plot twists, there are plenty of questions we need answered. And yet, no one's asking about the real victims of the movie: Lex Luthor's employees.

It's just another day at the office. You come into work after a pretty dull weekend (sure, there's another monster tearing up Metropolis and Gotham but at least it was in an abandoned district) and you're ready to face a week of cheerful social media posts about your genius boss's technological breakthroughs.

Lex Luthor promises to help rebuild Metropolis.
Lex Luthor promises to help rebuild Metropolis.

Except your boss is in prison.

Such was the situation for the LexCorp PR Department after the events of Batman v Superman. So, what do you do after your boss has gone all supervillain and goaded two heroes into fighting, before creating his very own mutant Frankenstein monster? The only thing you can do, of course. You post about it on Instagram.

Oh, and it turns out you're kinda fired, or "temporarily suspended" along with the entire company. And you thought working for the world's most successful start-up would be fun.

It's Just An April Fool's — Kinda

This isn't the first time the Batman v Superman marketing team has broken the fourth wall. Leading up to the film's release, Lex Luthor was treated like a real entrepreneur, complete with interviews in magazines like Wired and Fortune. He even has his own Twitter account.

(In hindsight, that Tweet makes a lot more sense.)

Naturally, the new Instagram post continues this trend, but as it was posted on April 1st, it's also a Fools' Day joke. However, there is a hint buried in the post for future installments of the franchise:

"Ding, ding, ding, ding! Are we entering the second round?"
Lex Luthor's company is in jeopardy now.
Lex Luthor's company is in jeopardy now.

So says Lex Luthor to his former employees, when asked about Superman. Does Lex know that Superman isn't dead? Is this a cryptic hint for Justice League? Or is it just a tongue-in-cheek conclusion to a fun marketing scheme for Dawn Of Justice?

We'll have to wait until next year to find out. And right now I'm more concerned for the person who runs the LexCorp Instagram account. Here's hoping Lex Luthor ensured all his employees got a good severance package after he went to prison.


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