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Oh, how very awkward for everyone involved!

You'd think that being one of the most famous faces of a colossal million-dollar movie franchise would make you exempt from being the subject of the odd name slip-up. Yet, it appears that if you're Star Wars legend Mark Hamill, that's not the case.

On a recent visit to sort out some intergalactic business, Disney's attempts to call the famous Luke Skywalker by his actual name completely fell apart. Either because they forgot that he is in fact an integral component to one of their most successful movie franchises, or because the person in charge of the name cards that day was clearly on crack. Either way, Mark Hamill was somehow dubbed "Mark Hamilton" and the actor tweeted his amusement in response.

Here's the pic of his visitor tag at The Walt Disney Company at the London office:

When asked how he really felt about the name slip-up later, he simply tweeted:

And if you thought that they probably meant Mark Hamilton, the visual effects specialist on Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones, think again. That's because whoever was put in charge of the name cards also spelled George Lucas's film company wrong — as anyone could tell you, the space between "Lucas" and "film" should not be there. Oops!

Clearly someone at Walt Disney was having a difficult start to the day that morning...


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