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Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 6, Episode 16 of 'The Walking Dead'! Don't read on if you're still wondering who it was that got to see Lucille up close!

The Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead had been teased with such a subtle melange of excitement and disgust by the show's cast that most of the fans were expecting a gruesome episode. One that would see their favorite character get killed mercilessly with a hideous stroke of megavillain Negan's Lucille, the renowned baseball bat covered in barbed wire.

The much awaited scene where Negan lined up the members of the Alexandria community arrived, amazingly similar to the original comics — but lo and behold, we didn't get to see whose face he chose to smash to bits with his bat.

How Did People React?

So. Mad. / AMC
So. Mad. / AMC

Quite unsurprisingly, a lot of fans were more than upset that the long awaited finale was actually more of a teaser for the next season than a conclusive episode. But one of the comics' creators, Robert Kirkman, explained why he loved it on The Talking Dead:

"First of all, as a fan, I love cliffhangers. I love that tension. I love the anticipation of finding out what it is. If you read the comic book series, I think pretty much every issue ends with a big cliffhanger… And I think that's a lot of fun. But this story, the cliffhanger isn't the story."

Convinced? If not, you're probably more prone to share the feelings of these 10 fans:

1. Filling In The Void Left By The Cliffhanger With The Cameraman Meme

2. Realizing There Are No Real Spoilers Possible

3. Diving Into The Most Obscure Fan Theories

4. Feeling The Pain Of Having To Wait Another Six Months

5. Getting Ready For Another Negan-less Season

6. Stretching The Metaphor

7. Mentally Smashing AMC With A Bat

8. Roasting 'The Walking Dead'

9. Other Shows Recruiting Disappointed Fans

10. The Words Of Pure Frustration

Well, let's hope the beginning of Season 7 will bring everyone back together.


What was your reaction to the Season 6 finale of 'The Walking Dead'?


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