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One thing has been made clear, the critic gods haven't been kind to Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice since its release at the end of March. In fact, it's become one of the most dividing superhero movies in recent years, creating tensions amongst DC fans and online fan bases in every corner of the globe. Here's the trailer:

And although Warner Bros. may be pleased with the box office figures it has raked in (more than $680 so far worldwide), nobody can deny that the movie is experiencing some pretty shocking drops in revenue.

For starters, after banking a record-setting $166 million in its opening weekend, figures quickly dissipated to a mere $15.35 million in its second Friday. That put the full second weekend estimated at approximately $52.4 million, a wince-inducing number considering the $58 million it was expected to get.

From its initial weekend, that's a disappointing 68% drop, while the Friday-to-Friday total signals a shocking 81.2% drop. Yes, you got that right — that is one of the biggest in-week drops any blockbuster movie has EVER seen at the box office. That's really gotta hurt.

In comparison, other major box office drops include:

Fantastic Four (-78.7%)
Watchmen (-78.4%)
Hulk (-76.5%)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (-75.8%)
Green Lantern (-72%)
Man of Steel (-71.5%)

However, some experts are reassuring fans that the Batman v Superman drop isn't the end of the world. For instance, Paul Dergarabedian, comScore's senior media analyst, says:

"This is often what happens when you have films that rank in the top 10 debuts of all time."

He reminds us that even The Dark Knight Rises dropped a huge 61.4% in its second weekend, and Avengers: Age Of Ultron made a tumble of 59.4%. So, not all's lost!

What's your opinion on 'Batman v Superman?'

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