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(Warning: The following contains an image of Benedict Cumberbatch in his full Doctor Strange costume. If you consider that to constitute a SPOILER, then proceed with caution and all that...)

Now, for a magical realm-hopping sorcerer and master of the mystic arts, Marvel's Dr. Stephen Strange has remained a surprisingly faithful resident of New York City. Sure, he might spend a few weeks hanging out in a mysterious otherworldly realm filled with demonic hell beasts every now and then, but if you ask the average New Yorker, they'll likely tell you that's pretty much just like going on vacation in New Jersey.*

Not pictured: Hoboken.
Not pictured: Hoboken.

*Note: This joke in no way reflects my actual opinion of New Jersey, but does reflect my actual opinion of terrible gags.

The point being, Doctor Strange, no matter his involvement in mystical affairs, remains a proud and defiant New Yorker. Which, it seems, is a devotion Benedict Cumberbatch — currently filming his role as Strange for the hero's upcoming solo debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — very much shares.

Benedict Cumberbatch Just Turned Up In A New York City Comic Book Store In His Full Doctor Strange Costume

Specifically, Cumberbatch decided to pop into JHU Comic Books on East 32nd Street, and to pose for a photo or two while he was there. And, thanks to the store's Facebook page, we can now all enjoy the awesomeness of that fact.

Cumberbatch, as it turns out, had been filming Doctor Strange just outside the store — which might just turn up in the background of the finished film — and is apparently just as geekily badass in real life as all of that Sherlock fan fiction has been hoping.

Also, can we stop for a second to reflect on how ridiculously great — and comic book-faithful — his costume is?

It's almost like the good doctor just wandered into our world as part of one of those mystical adventures. So much so in fact, that someone probably ought to should start checking Greenwich Village for an inter-dimensional portal to the Marvel universe.

What do you think, though?


Which MCU superhero would you most like to see wander into a store you're working in?



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