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An out of body experience, more commonly known as Astral Projection (yes think Charmed for a minute there) is the ability when a person feels a sensation of being projected outside of their own body, typically floating and watching oneself from a distance. Many people through the years have claimed to see the spirit-like image (similar to a ghost) of a relative or a friend appear before them while their fellow counterpart is actually alive, miles away.

Thousands of people each year maintain that they've had an OBE during their sleep, thinking they are dreaming. Some of them even state that they have received messages during their astral flight.

Here are 8 signs that might prove you've had an OBE.

1. As I mentioned before when people claim they have seen themselves in bed 'sleeping' while they are floating above their physical bodies.

2. Projection when the person undergoes surgery, childbirth, perhaps a tooth extraction or any other 'heavy' procedure.

3. Projection during an accident when the person receives a terrible physical 'jolt', where his/her body seems to literally be thrown from their physical body.

4. Projection during intense pain caused by blunt force trauma etc.

5. Projection during a high fever or severe illness.

6. Projection during a near-death experience such as car crashes, airplane mishaps and or other major, related accident.

7. The conscious OBE in which the person seeks to free the spirit from their material body in yoga classes or basically just to find out if it is true, or simple curiosity.

8. When someone appears to have died and they come back to life, usually returning with a backstory of how they 'died' and ended up in a tunnel, surrounded by a light and in the company of angels or deceased family members. Once they've had the experience, they come back (since it wasn't their time) but often return with instructions of any sort or to complete a mission that their loved one wasn't able to fulfill.

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Have you had an Out of Body Experience?

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