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You can't deny that Netflix is basically an essential part of our daily lives now. Everyone's got it and everyone's always talking about it. And that's probably why there's been quite the outcry over the reduction of titles in the overall catalogue of movies and shows lately — a decrease of 32% to be exact.

Yet, no matter how much we may moan, you've really got to give it to these guys — their list of original movies and shows is nothing short of outstanding. In fact, since 2012 it's been reported that Netflix's original offerings have boasted a whopping growth rate of 185.41%. And let's face it, where would we be without House Of Cards, Orange Is the New Black, Love, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Narcos, Master Of None — as you can probably tell, the list is endless.

According to, the portal has added a huge 111 originals to its repertoire of titles since 2012. Here's a neat visual, leading all the way up to 2016:


And it appears there's no stopping this online content juggernaut. Earlier in 2016, it was announced by Ted Sarandos (head of content at Netflix) that the portal will be releasing a further 600 hours of original content in this year alone. That's also including 31 original shows. Not bad, huh?

Yet, Why The Push For Original Content?

Well, when it comes to other competition, Netflix has decided its best bet is to create original content in order to grow globally. This also means that the company doesn't have to face difficulties that international streaming rights pose. Essentially, it they can sign fewer third-party series and create their own exclusives, they are set to rule the online video roost for many years to come.

Clearly, more cash spending on original content pays off in the long run. Nice one, Netflix.

What's your favorite Netflix original show?


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